Lviv sightseeing. Lychakiv Cemetery

Lychakiv cemetery – one of the oldest and most luxurious memorial cemeteries is located in Ukraine in Lviv. Its area is more than 40 hectares, and a list of known public and cultural figures who are buried here, is thousands of people. Lychakovsky necropolis is one of the tourist delights of Lviv and the most famous cemetery in the city.

New Synagogue and the Brodsky Synagogue

Odessa is an international city and temples there are very diverse. The Jewish community also has places of worship here. One of the most popular is The New Synagogue and the Brodsky Synagogue. Many remarkable pages of the city's history are connected with these buildings, and the people who visited it and prayed within its walls made the glory and pride of not only Odessa, but also many European and American cities.

Water Museum

In the center of Kiev, on a high hill, in the middle of the Khreshchaty Park there are two ancient water towers, the age of which is more than 130 years old, and which in themselves are architectural monuments. One of them has a restaurant now, and the second is the Water Museum.

National dendrological park 'Sofiyivka' located in Uman, Cherkassy region is worthy of attention place.

Mariinsky Park

Mariinsky Park is close to the very centre of Kyiv – Khreschatik, being its green picturesque centre. You can walk along its paths, admire beautiful fountains, listen to talented street musicians, take a sit on one of the benches under big old trees, which always give you a rest in hot summer days. Mariinsly park differs from all others with its incomparable scenery on Dniper River.

You may stay here for hours, in the very centre of business city, surrounded with trees, looking at famous river and its bridges, with a royal palace behind…

Mamaeva Sloboda

Mamaeva Sloboda is also called "Pirogovo in miniature", comparing it with the well-known and oldest ethnographic museum on the open air in the south of the capital. But Mamaeva Sloboda, with its external and formal similarity, carries another assault: it is not a collection of museum exhibits, it is a modern park in the style of historical folk tradition, like many similar institutions in the states of Europe. All the buildings here are collected according to authentic old drawings, drawings and measurements.

Monument to Leonid Utesov

One of the outstanding sculptural compositions of Odessa is a monument to the legendary Soviet singer and actor Leonid Utyosov. Leonid Osipovich in his songs glorified his native city, in memory of the famous person citizens of Odessa established a monument in the heart of Odessa, which became a visiting card of the city.

The High Castle

The High Castle Park – an old shady Park on the hill that dominates the city with the ruins of an ancient castle and a viewing platform with the breathtaking views. The observation deck is located at an altitude of 413 meters above sea level. It is the highest point of the city.

Kiev Rus Park Inside

Kyiv Rus Park

The project “Kyiv Rus Park” is open-air entertaining museum of Ancient Kiev Rus culture and history. Its purpose is to create a cultural center of East-Slavic countries, to make it unique interesting tourist attraction and to spread the knowledge and valuation of its masterpieces.

The creators of “Rus Park” reproducted the architectural image of the ancient Kyiv in 1:1 scale and created an atmosphere of Kievian Rus, applying the real facts and scientific data.

Olesko Castle

     The Olesko castle is one of the oldest building in western Ukraine and one of the best-known castles that had been reconstructed from ruin. Olesko Castle is a fascinating attraction to visit, that has really rich history of his structure. It is an architectural and historical monument of the XIII-XVIII centuries, located in the village of Olesko, Busk district of Lviv region.

One Wall House Odessa

"Card House", "Flat House", "Witch House", "House of Shadows" - this is nicknames of mysterious building in Odessa. The most ordinary at first sight the house appears before the eyes in a completely different way, if you look at it at a certain angle. That's why he got so many weird nicknames - he seems completely flat.

Golden Gate Kiev

Kiev Golden Gate is a monument of 12th-century fortification, one of the few that have survived to nowadays. The construction strikes visitors with its grandeur and inaccessibility: over the powerful battle tower was housed the church of the Annunciation - it was very symbolic for the Christian town. In fact the Golden Gates served as the main entrance gate to Kiev. Golden Gate was built in 1164, after they had completed the construction of the defense shafts of the New Town.