Lviv sightseeing. Market Square

   Market Sqaure is the heart of the ancient Lviv, located in the center of the city.

   Historical center of Lviv and Market Square belongs to the UNESCO world heritage.

   There is a City Hall located right in the centre on the square. There is a number of famous religious buildings and popular coffee shops and restaurants with lots of summer terraces which are worth to visit. 

St. Andrew Descent

St.Andrew’s Descent (or Andriyivsky Uzviz) is such a unique place in Kiev. St. Andrew descent is the Montmartre of Kiev, cultural and art place. There is a market street of arts, crafts and souvenirs where many artists display their works on the street sides. Historically, the Andrew’s Descent connected the governmental part of the Upper City with the Podil, the commercial downtown  of merchants. Now it is the Kievites' favorite place for outdoor fairs, festivals and concerts. Travellers come here to visit art-galleries, shops and studios. Here you will see a great selection of various souvenirs, antiques and paintings.

Babiy Yar. Kyiv

Disputes around this tract in Ukraine do not cease today.

The existing legend of the Babiy Yar is full of contradictions, inconsistencies, and someone believes in it unconditionally. One thing is clear: this is a terrible, mournful monument that came to the contemporaries from the war of 1941-1945.

Odessa Opera House

Theatrical life in Odessa has its history from the first days of the city's existence. The opera and ballet theater can rightly be called an elder among a number of urban cultural institutions.

Pirogovo Museum

The National Museum of Folk, Architecture and Life: Pirohovo."The open air museum", which is one of the TOP Kiev attractions, it is situated on the outskirts of Kiev on 150 hectars. Museum consists of more than 300 buildings, which were taken from different historical regions of Ukraine to the museum and rebuilt on the spot.  The official name of the Museum is "National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life", but people caught on a simpler and more imaginative name - "Pirogovo Museum" associated with the name of the village, which existed in this region since the seventeenth century.

Bukovel is the tourist complex, which is located In the heart of the mountains at an altitude above 920 meters above sea level. Here, incredibly clean air, filled with the smell of needles and delicious food . Around the bewitching beauty of untouched nature.

Hutorets na Dnipri

  The restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine Hutorets na Dnipri is another wonderful family restaurant in Kiev. Excellent restaurant for various events such as anniversaries, weddings, children's parties, as well as meals with family and friends, romantic dinners, business lunches and ordinary rest near the water.

Lviv sightseeing. Lychakiv Cemetery

Lychakiv cemetery – one of the oldest and most luxurious memorial cemeteries is located in Ukraine in Lviv. Its area is more than 40 hectares, and a list of known public and cultural figures who are buried here, is thousands of people. Lychakovsky necropolis is one of the tourist delights of Lviv and the most famous cemetery in the city.

New Synagogue and the Brodsky Synagogue

Odessa is an international city and temples there are very diverse. The Jewish community also has places of worship here. One of the most popular is The New Synagogue and the Brodsky Synagogue. Many remarkable pages of the city's history are connected with these buildings, and the people who visited it and prayed within its walls made the glory and pride of not only Odessa, but also many European and American cities.

Water Museum

In the center of Kiev, on a high hill, in the middle of the Khreshchaty Park there are two ancient water towers, the age of which is more than 130 years old, and which in themselves are architectural monuments. One of them has a restaurant now, and the second is the Water Museum.

National dendrological park 'Sofiyivka' located in Uman, Cherkassy region is worthy of attention place.

The High Castle

The High Castle Park – an old shady Park on the hill that dominates the city with the ruins of an ancient castle and a viewing platform with the breathtaking views. The observation deck is located at an altitude of 413 meters above sea level. It is the highest point of the city.