Odessa Art Museum

The Art Museum was built in 1899 and now it’s one of the best art museums which stores full collections of works by some of the most famous Ukrainian and Russian artists.  It occupies the Potocki Palace, itself a monument of early 19th century architecture. It’s located in a city center. The museum now houses more than 100 thousand exhibits, including paintings by some of the best-known European artists. 

Arch of the Friendship of Nations

The sculpture composition "Arch of the Friendship of Nations" is located in the center of Kiev. Sculpture appeared in 1982, its opening was timed to celebrate the 1500th anniversary of Kiev. The monument is installed in the Khreshchaty Park, which was formerly called Kupechesky Garden.

Kryivka restaurant in Lviv

One of the most visited restaurants in Europe. This restaurant can be called the first thematic or author's restaurant of Lviv. Kryivka is a scandalously famous restaurant that has long been listed as a must-see place in Lviv.

Outstanding architectural monument of Kievan Rus

St. Sophia cathedral is dedfinately a TOP must see attraction in Kiev. It's an architectural and historical masterpiece. Kiev Sophia cathedral is a UNESCO heritage sight which originally preserved since 11th century.

The church impresses with its frescoes and mosaics made back in 1020's. The guide will introduce you to the Kiev Rus times, culture and connections with the middle age Western Europe world and interesting facts.

The Chornobyl Museum

The museum become a place of thinking about the past and future of humanity, a place of memory, a temple of hope and salvation. There come hundreds of thousands of people of different ages, nationalities, and religions in order to remember the victims of Chernobyl and to ensure in the unity of efforts of the entire international community.

Podil the oldest districts of Kiev

   Podil is one of the oldest districts of Kiev, located in the lowland between the mouth of the river Pochaina and the slopes of the Starokievskaya, Zamkova, Horevitsa, and Schekavitsa mountains. Today Podil district is the main cultural center of Kiev that attracts residents and tourists with beautiful architecture, historical monuments and bohemian atmosphere.

Deribasovskaya street

    Deribasovskaya street - one of the central streets of the city of Odessa, one of the most important monuments of the city. Find out why Deribasovskaya is rightly considered the heart of southern Palmyra.

Kiev Opera

Kiev Opera and Ballet theater (Kiev Opera)  is an architectural monument of 19th century. In 1898 - after the fire of 1896, they've started construction of a new building on project of the Russian architect Viktor Schröter. Nearby the Opera theather you may also find such attractions as St. Sophia's Cathedral and Golden Gate. The performances are being held during all the season from September till the and of June annually.

Carpathians, tour with guide

Carpathians are a mountain range system forming an arc roughly 1,500 km long across Central and Eastern Europe, making them the second-longest mountain range in Europe (after the Scandinavian Mountains, 1,700 km).

Puzata Hata restaurant

   How can you say to your friends that you have been in Kiev if you don`t try Puzata Hata's famous dishes from national ukrainian cuisine which are absolutely delicious! So forget about your diet and shape of your hips because now it is time for Borshch, Vareniki and Kiev kotlet!

The Armenian Cathedral

   The Armenian Cathedral is a monument of architecture of national importance in Lviv, which belongs to the UNESCO world heritage site; the only temple of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Western Ukraine. Complex of the Armenian Cathedral is one of the oldest and most distinctive ensembles in the rich architectural heritage of the city.

The catacombs of Odessa

Among the sightseeing’s of Ukraine there are some of those that are not located on a surface of the earth, but deep under it.  A special place in this row is occupied by the Odessa catacombs, which uniqueness is difficult to overestimate. This is the longest labyrinth in the world, which territory is more than 2500 km. Catacombs are not just the largest tourist attraction and visiting card of Odessa, but also a unique historical, geological and paleontological monument, that will be interesting to visit for everyone.