Mezhyhirya Residence Honka

Mezhyhirya is the former residence of Viktor Yanukovych in the village of Novye Petrovtsy, Vyshgorodsky district, Kyiv region, which he occupied from 2002 to 2014. Journalists and politicians call Mezhyhirya a symbol of corruption of a presidential scale and a museum of corruption.

The Dominican Church in Lviv

The Dominican Church, now the Greek Catholic Church of the Holy Eucharist, is the biggest Baroque Church in Lviv and one of the most beautiful in the city, makes a lasting impression on modern tourists both day and night. A magnificent building of a baroque architecture with an interesting past will charm its hard-mystical beauty and original sculptures.

Odessa Archaeological Museum

This is one of the most popular and oldest archaeological museums in Ukraine. It was opened in the first half of the 18th century and it still works until nowadays. Visitors can see here rare and precious exhibits which concerning the ancient history of Ukraine, Greece, Egypt, Rome. The museum is located in a beautiful old house, built in the best traditions of classical antiquity.

Motherland monument Kiev

The Motherland statue is a national monument in Kyiv and peculiar symbol of the women's beginning, the strength of the spirit of the Ukrainian people.

The sculpture is located on the Dnieper slopes, so the figure of the Motherland statue can be seen even from the most remote points of Kiev. The Motherland monument is the center of the National Museum of History of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

Holy Transfiguration Cathedral

The temples of Odessa are true monuments of architecture and art, many of which can safely claim a place in the treasury of Ukraine's sights. And the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, of course, is one of such shrines.

Kiev Independence square | Majdan Nezalezhnosti

Kiev Independence square or in Ukrainian language: Majdan Nezalezhnosti is the main square of the city and even country.

Besides from the historical importance, it hosts all celebrations and events in the city. You can catch up holidays festivals and parades. Fun zones for EURO 2012, Eurovision village were placed here as well. That's the place where Orange revoution and 2013 revolution happened. The guided tour will definately tell you much more than you can see.

House with Chimeras

The house with chimeras is a modern style building, located in Kyiv. The house received its name because of sculptural ornaments, located on the front of the house and inside it, which themes - terrestrial and underwater animal world, attributes of hunting and fairy creatures.

Zolochiv castle

    Zolochiv Castle - castle, historical and cultural monument of national importance. It is located in Zolochiv town, in the Lviv region. Zolochiv castle is an old castle which over its history has been a royal residence, a prison, and an educational establishment. Zolochiv Castle is a masterpiece of defensive architecture. The history of the Zolochiv Castle is very interesting and rich in historical and romantic adventures. 

Mother-in-law bridge

Walking along "The mother-in-law bridge" you can better feel the Odessa. The jokes associated with his history and folk tales are reminiscent of the character of the city, the architectural landscapes opening from the bridge and the views on the old beautiful buildings - a living illustration of the history of Odessa, shimmering under the rays of the sun, the sea tells the fate of the city - the largest seaport, and the Vorontsov Palace reminds about famous people.

St.Michael's Golden Domed Cathedral

St.Michael's Cathedral (Golden Domed St. Michael Monastery). The Cathedral was found in 1108, blown up in 1937 on soviet regime command, and later on restored in 1998. Before the destruction of the Cathedral Scientists removed from the walls treasured mosaics and frescoes made by famous masters of Kievan Rus.

Hoverla is the highest mountain and the highest point in Ukraine, its height is 2061 meters. Hoverla is a popular destination for tourists, thousands of people every year climbing the mountain.

Pervak restaurant

  Pervak has succeeded in creating the perfect restaurant for tourists and locals alike, yet has not sacrificed its Ukrainian identity. If you want to surprise guests from abroad who have come to Kiev, Pervak is exactly where you definitely need to visit. Impressions will remain the most pleasant for both you and your guests.