Golden Gate Kiev

Kiev Golden Gate is a monument of 12th-century fortification, one of the few that have survived to nowadays. The construction strikes visitors with its grandeur and inaccessibility: over the powerful battle tower was housed the church of the Annunciation - it was very symbolic for the Christian town. In fact the Golden Gates served as the main entrance gate to Kiev. Golden Gate was built in 1164, after they had completed the construction of the defense shafts of the New Town.

Babiy Yar. Kyiv

Disputes around this tract in Ukraine do not cease today.

The existing legend of the Babiy Yar is full of contradictions, inconsistencies, and someone believes in it unconditionally. One thing is clear: this is a terrible, mournful monument that came to the contemporaries from the war of 1941-1945.

The Chornobyl Museum

The museum become a place of thinking about the past and future of humanity, a place of memory, a temple of hope and salvation. There come hundreds of thousands of people of different ages, nationalities, and religions in order to remember the victims of Chernobyl and to ensure in the unity of efforts of the entire international community.

Hutorets na Dnipri

  The restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine Hutorets na Dnipri is another wonderful family restaurant in Kiev. Excellent restaurant for various events such as anniversaries, weddings, children's parties, as well as meals with family and friends, romantic dinners, business lunches and ordinary rest near the water.

Kiev Opera

Kiev Opera and Ballet theater (Kiev Opera)  is an architectural monument of 19th century. In 1898 - after the fire of 1896, they've started construction of a new building on project of the Russian architect Viktor Schröter. Nearby the Opera theather you may also find such attractions as St. Sophia's Cathedral and Golden Gate. The performances are being held during all the season from September till the and of June annually.

Water Museum

In the center of Kiev, on a high hill, in the middle of the Khreshchaty Park there are two ancient water towers, the age of which is more than 130 years old, and which in themselves are architectural monuments. One of them has a restaurant now, and the second is the Water Museum.

Khreschatik. Kiev central street.

Kreschatik, or in Ukrainian spelling - Khreshchatyk is the central street of the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

Kreshchatik is the business heart during a day and partying area of Kiev night life. And one of the favorite top sights of the tourists and locals.

During interesting historical sightseeing, we will also show you all the spots which you souldn't miss later on.

Mamaeva Sloboda

Mamaeva Sloboda is also called "Pirogovo in miniature", comparing it with the well-known and oldest ethnographic museum on the open air in the south of the capital. But Mamaeva Sloboda, with its external and formal similarity, carries another assault: it is not a collection of museum exhibits, it is a modern park in the style of historical folk tradition, like many similar institutions in the states of Europe. All the buildings here are collected according to authentic old drawings, drawings and measurements.

St. Andrew Descent

St.Andrew’s Descent (or Andriyivsky Uzviz) is such a unique place in Kiev. St. Andrew descent is the Montmartre of Kiev, cultural and art place. There is a market street of arts, crafts and souvenirs where many artists display their works on the street sides. Historically, the Andrew’s Descent connected the governmental part of the Upper City with the Podil, the commercial downtown  of merchants. Now it is the Kievites' favorite place for outdoor fairs, festivals and concerts. Travellers come here to visit art-galleries, shops and studios. Here you will see a great selection of various souvenirs, antiques and paintings.

Strategic Missile Forces Museum Ukraine

The Museum of Strategic Missile Forces in Pobuzke is unique and has no analogues in the world. The museum of the Strategic Missile Forces is not a typical museum with boring halls, in which there are dusty exhibits. Read more to get to know the feature of the museum.

Pirogovo Museum

The National Museum of Folk, Architecture and Life: Pirohovo."The open air museum", which is one of the TOP Kiev attractions, it is situated on the outskirts of Kiev on 150 hectars. Museum consists of more than 300 buildings, which were taken from different historical regions of Ukraine to the museum and rebuilt on the spot.  The official name of the Museum is "National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life", but people caught on a simpler and more imaginative name - "Pirogovo Museum" associated with the name of the village, which existed in this region since the seventeenth century.

Extreme sports Kiev

   Trukhaniv Island is the most beloved corner for the rest of Kiev residents. As soon as spring comes, cyclists begin to run on favorite park paths on the island; boatmen and wakeboarders go out for water training: the season of competitions opens; runners are trained in clean air.