Odessa Archaeological Museum

This is one of the most popular and oldest archaeological museums in Ukraine. It was opened in the first half of the 18th century and it still works until nowadays. Visitors can see here rare and precious exhibits which concerning the ancient history of Ukraine, Greece, Egypt, Rome. The museum is located in a beautiful old house, built in the best traditions of classical antiquity.

Primorsky Boulevard

   Primorsky Boulevard is one of the best architectural ensembles in the style of classicism on the territory of Ukraine. Boulevard is a business card of the "Pearl of the Black Sea". Being in Odessa you really must firstly visit this one of the most popular tourist attraction.

Odessa Philharmonic Theater

    The magnificent building of the Odessa Philharmonic, located in the historic center, is one of the most beautiful in the city. It is recognized as an outstanding architectural masterpiece, one of the key, which forms the unique look of Southern Palmyra. 

Odessa Art Museum

The Art Museum was built in 1899 and now it’s one of the best art museums which stores full collections of works by some of the most famous Ukrainian and Russian artists.  It occupies the Potocki Palace, itself a monument of early 19th century architecture. It’s located in a city center. The museum now houses more than 100 thousand exhibits, including paintings by some of the best-known European artists. 

Holy Transfiguration Cathedral

The temples of Odessa are true monuments of architecture and art, many of which can safely claim a place in the treasury of Ukraine's sights. And the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, of course, is one of such shrines.

Mother-in-law bridge

Walking along "The mother-in-law bridge" you can better feel the Odessa. The jokes associated with his history and folk tales are reminiscent of the character of the city, the architectural landscapes opening from the bridge and the views on the old beautiful buildings - a living illustration of the history of Odessa, shimmering under the rays of the sun, the sea tells the fate of the city - the largest seaport, and the Vorontsov Palace reminds about famous people.

The catacombs of Odessa

Among the sightseeing’s of Ukraine there are some of those that are not located on a surface of the earth, but deep under it.  A special place in this row is occupied by the Odessa catacombs, which uniqueness is difficult to overestimate. This is the longest labyrinth in the world, which territory is more than 2500 km. Catacombs are not just the largest tourist attraction and visiting card of Odessa, but also a unique historical, geological and paleontological monument, that will be interesting to visit for everyone.

Deribasovskaya street

    Deribasovskaya street - one of the central streets of the city of Odessa, one of the most important monuments of the city. Find out why Deribasovskaya is rightly considered the heart of southern Palmyra.

New Synagogue and the Brodsky Synagogue

Odessa is an international city and temples there are very diverse. The Jewish community also has places of worship here. One of the most popular is The New Synagogue and the Brodsky Synagogue. Many remarkable pages of the city's history are connected with these buildings, and the people who visited it and prayed within its walls made the glory and pride of not only Odessa, but also many European and American cities.

Odessa Opera House

Theatrical life in Odessa has its history from the first days of the city's existence. The opera and ballet theater can rightly be called an elder among a number of urban cultural institutions.

Odessa fortress

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi is an old historical town in Odessa region, which was based on the remains of the Tyras, ancient Greek city on the northern coast of the Black Sea. It stayed there to the IV century. Now the city is famous for its fortress - a historical and architectural monument of XIII-XIV centuries. Also tourists can visit Shabo, Shabo is a Wine Culture Center and is located in a resort area in the Odessa Region, one of Europe’s oldest regions where winemaking traditions are dated as far back as the ancient times.

Monument to Leonid Utesov

One of the outstanding sculptural compositions of Odessa is a monument to the legendary Soviet singer and actor Leonid Utyosov. Leonid Osipovich in his songs glorified his native city, in memory of the famous person citizens of Odessa established a monument in the heart of Odessa, which became a visiting card of the city.