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Trukhaniv Island Kiev Park

   Trukhanov Island is a great place. There are many active entertainments - rompage, rope park, paintball, football and volleyball fields, bicycle paths and many interesting active entertainments. Come anytime and you will have a great time.

  This amazing beauty island attracts the townspeople and tourists, most of whom spend time on Trukhanov's beaches. Today there are large Kiev beaches on the island - the best Kiev beach Dovbychka, equipped with all the amenities Central, sports grounds, water stations, several restaurants, small cafes, rest houses and a lot of greenery.

  In the northern part of the island there is a recreational forest park "Friendship of Peoples" and a protected area "Urochishche Bobrovnya". At the end of Trukhanov Island there is a water sports center and a unique architectural complex - "Matveevsky Bay", which is equipped with sports facilities for academic rowing, kayaking, canoeing. You can try here a lot of active and extreme types of sport:

  •  For those who like to running with friends and just chat, loves to run alone and think a lot - Trukhanov Island - one of those places where you can hide from a bustling city. There are beautiful asphalt paths for those who like to run along the highway, and trails in the thickets for fans of trails.
  • For those who want to learn to ride, there are several options for employment. It's best to start with the theory, and then to take practical lessons that will not cost you too much. You can do this on Trukhanov island in a club of horse lovers;
  • You can ride in boats and catamarans here too;
  • Also popular are flights over the water surface on the flyboard. In the capital there are only two places for skating on the flyboard: on Truhanov Island and on Obolonskaya embankment.
  • For lovers of rope jumping - in Kiev you can jump on the Pedestrian Bridge and feel yourself reborn. Height - 26 meters.
  • You can easily recall childhood and the way we climbed trees and fences, in a rope park. Excellent active rest for the whole family. There are many open-air rope parks in Kiev and one of them is on Trukhanov island;
  • You can ride with a breeze thanks to the wakeboard on Trukhanov Island. At the same time you can learn how to skate on water skis and skiing.

​By the way, here go and celebrity. For example, the mayor of our capital, Vitali Klitschko, rolls on the waves on the board, setting an excellent example for the people, promoting active sports.

This is a unique opportunity for you, your family and friends to spend an unforgettable vacation in nature, on the riverbank, to take a bicycle or kayak and immerse yourself in the pristine nature of Trukhanov Island.