Three the best Ukrainian restaurants in Kiev
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3.5 hours


You will try 3 traditional Ukrainian dishes and 1 drink:

  1. Borsch - of course! That's the most most Ukrainian ever dish. Red soup with lots of meat and vegetables. Absolutely delecious. And by the way every family in Ukraine has it's own recepie of Borsch!
  2. Potato pancakes or Dumplings - on your choice one of this dishes. Potato pancakes are a little fried flapjacks. Dumplings are boiled and can be with either meat, potato, cheese, or cabage inside. Both served with a sour cream.
  3. Dessert - can be one of three on your choice: sweet pan cakes with poppy or cheese inside, or Napoleon cake or Sweet dumplings.
  4. Nalivka, Vodka, Samohon - Ukrainian alchohol drinks. You should see and degustate as we have various types of drinks homemade for a strong man or mild cordials flavoured ones. if you don't drink alchohol - Kompot or Uzvar for you.

 We take you to the 3 most popular authentic Ukrainian restaurants and make you taste typical Ukrainian dishes as a homemade sausages Kovbasa, potato pancakes, 100 types of dumplings ,such as potato, cottage cheese, cabage rolls called Holubtsi, sweet dumplings or pancakes filled in with cherries, strawberry, canned milk.

  We will visit three the best Ukrainian restaurants in Kiev:

  • Pervak Restaurant (can be replaced by Harbuzik);
  • Puzata Hata restaurant;
  • Katusha restaurant (can be replaced by Hutorets na Dnipri restaurant)

Depending in which district you choose, it can be Kreschatik street or Podil district. And on the way between the restaurants you will find out lots of interesting facts about the city, it's culture and history!

*Dishes included in price!

Dates available till 12/30/2020

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