Kiev jewish history & Synagogues
Tour Details
3 hours
Kiev Jewish Tour shows a significant imprint Jews deprived in the cultural, architectural and daily life of Kiev city.  We invite you to see the main attractions of the Jewish culture and history in Kiev:
  1. Shota Rustavelli Street & Sholom-Aleykhem Monument,
  2. Brodskiy Synagogue,
  3. Bessarabskiy Market,
  4. Babi Yar Monument
  5. Golda Meir,
  6. Simedeni Pastry, Iosif Trumpeldorf, Yakov Bergner and Bagrov

We will tell you true stories from the life of Kiev Jews, jewish history and the way of self-affirmation in the Kiev community.

* Available by car only, because all the locations are far for walking from one to another. Price is for up to 3 people maximum. For bigger groups please send an individual request.

Tour highlights
The Brodsky Synagogue

The history of the Jewish people is closely linked to Ukraine.

Over a thousand years the representatives of this community live on the territory of Kiev. An incredible effort was made by them to live, study, work in Kyiv, just to be in this city.

Podil the oldest districts of Kiev

   Podil is one of the oldest districts of Kiev, located in the lowland between the mouth of the river Pochaina and the slopes of the Starokievskaya, Zamkova, Horevitsa, and Schekavitsa mountains. Today Podil district is the main cultural center of Kiev that attracts residents and tourists with beautiful architecture, historical monuments and bohemian atmosphere.

Babiy Yar. Kyiv

Disputes around this tract in Ukraine do not cease today.

The existing legend of the Babiy Yar is full of contradictions, inconsistencies, and someone believes in it unconditionally. One thing is clear: this is a terrible, mournful monument that came to the contemporaries from the war of 1941-1945.