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Kryivka. Lviv
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Kryivka. Ukrainian restaurant
Rynok sq. 14
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The restaurant "Kryivka" is located on the Rynok Square, opposite the Town Hall. Kryivka is a special restaurant. If you want to get lots of impressions, the charge of emotions and delicious food - go here.

The design of the restaurant resembles a secret bunker - the walls of the boards, wooden furniture, ironware, nationalistic posters and funny inscriptions on the walls, and waiters in camouflage only enhance this impression. But the menu impresses with abundance and, first of all, the names. You have the possibility to taste delicious Ukrainian food served in military dishes.

The approach to each client is special. At the entrance you are welcomed by a man with an automatic machine in the form of a UPA soldier and asks for a slogan.

They give a personal key to the regular clients in Kryivka that allows you to open the front door at any time. They form a system of loyalty to the client with the help of keys.

In a short time the restaurant became one of the most famous tourist attractions of Lviv. Kryivka is constantly developing, there are new dishes and new attractions, which continue to pleasantly surprise guests. It is such a conceptual and unique atmosphere that makes Kryivka the most popular and brightest kneipp of Lviv.