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The Motherland statue was erected in Kiev in honor of the Great Patriotic War - Second World War 2

The monument is intended to show the Ukraine contribution, and to preserve the memory of that terrible time and the millions of soldiers, officers and ordinary people who gave up their lives in the battle with Hitler's troops for Kyiv and many other cities and republics of the USSR.

The Motherland monument was opened in 1981 on Victory Day, attended by the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPSU LI. Brezhnev, Minister of Defense D.F. Ustinov, leaders of Moscow and Leningrad VV Grishin and G.V. Romanov In honor of the opening of the monument L.I. Brezhnev presented to the museum a bronze sculpture of the famous sculpture by E. Vuchetich "Reclaim swords for plows", and also made a record in the book of reviews of honorary guests. When, after the death of Brezhnev, Chernenko gave to the founders of the Kiev motherland the Lenin Prize.

Unforgettable birds eye view from the Motherland monument

During summer season and in a good weather conditions, you may climb up to the very top of the monument of its balcony on the shield.  Two visitors per time may do this little tour accompanied by a bodyguard from the museum and experience a great unforgettable birds eye view of the city.

Today the Motherland statue is one of the most visited Kiev monuments during city tours and visits to the capital of Ukraine. Our guides are always happy to arrange a special visit for you.

A history of the Motherland Statue creation

The work on the project of the erection in Kyiv of the Motherland statue began the sculptor, the author of the memorial in Stalingrad - Evgeniy Vuchetich.

There is a perception that the project of the Homeland monument was initially proposed for Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow, but it was rejected. Then the author decided to install a sculpture in Kiev. According to the original plan, the monument was intended to be covered with gold leaf, and from its foot in the Dnipro River there was to be a waterfall.

This idea failed to be realized, because in 1974 Vuchetich died. The order had to go to Moscow sculptor Nikolai Tomsky, but he refused. The work on the monument was continued by Vasily Boroday, who headed the team, which included sculptors Fried Saghoyan, Vasyl Vinaikin, and also architects Viktor Yelizarov, Georgy Kisly, Mykola Feshchenko. To the initial project were made a lot of changes.

There is a legend related to the monument. Before the opening of the monument there were rumors among the people that the metal is supposedly the creation of a devil, and the place for it was not chosen by accident - Black Mountain, over which even the birds do not fly. Whether by the coincidence of circumstances, or by the will of unknown power, the daughter of the sculptor V. Borodaya, who created the image of sculptures from the rice of her face, fell ill and died quickly after opening the monument.

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