Mezhyhirya Residence Honka
Mezhyhirya Residence
Mezhyhirya Residence Honka
Mezhyhirya Residence Park
Mezhyhirya Residence
Mezhyhirya Residence
Novi Petrivtsi, Kyivs'ka oblast
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We suggest you take a walk on the Mezhyhirya. You can see a well-groomed forest park, decorative lakes with fountains, fresh air, openwork bridges. You will be impressed by the ostentatious luxury of the former residence of Yanukovych, you will see the famous Honka, Spa center, golf course, the magnificent Galleon ship.

A country government residential complex, which received scandalous fame in the years when V. Yanukovich's was a president of Ukraine. A symbol of corruption in Ukraine. The residence was founded in 1935 on the site of the ancient Mezhygorsky Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery, known from the XII century.

In Soviet times, all the monastic buildings were demolished, in their place is located a recreation complex with the country house of the 1st secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, known in the people as "Shcherbitsky's dacha". In 2002 Mezhyhirya became the residence of Viktor Yanukovich, then the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Becoming president, Yanukovich through the front structures privatized the residence area of ​​137 hectares and deployed here a large-scale construction. The complex includes: the club house "Honka" (the main palace), the old house of Yanukovych, the guest house ("Putin's House"), the Galleon landing stage, sports complex, spa center, golf club, yacht club, garage with a collection cars, a zoo, a kennel center, a huge park with artificial lakes, etc.

Since February 2014 the residence Mezhyhirya has been opened to all those who wish. Hiking tours are organized with a visit to Honka and the health complex, sightseeing tours on electric cars. Bicycle rental is possible. Equestrian Club La petite Ecurie offers horse riding and horseback riding. Shish kebabs and coffee shops are located on the territory.