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Mother-in-law bridge
Mother-in-law bridge Odessa
Mother-in-law bridge
Mother-in-law bridge
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The history of the most famous bridge in Odessa overgrown with thoughts and rumors. As the name of this monument appeared, nobody knows. In Odesa there are several thoughts about the name, and the history of the appearance of this bridge.

According to one of the simplest versions, it was decided to build the mother-in-love bridge in Odesa for the 50th anniversary of the USSR. Proponents of this version have previously called the bridge no different than Komsomolsk. Tests of the same towns began to be called after the young people who were tortured by their mothers-in-law were thrown out of the bridge.

The bridge was erected in 1968-1969. According to the project of architect Rachel Abbovny Vladimirskaya and engineer Kiriyenko over the Military descent. Its original and official name is Komsomolsky, because it linked Primorsky and Komsomol Boulevards. They proected him for the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution of 1917. And they were supposed to open in 1967, but were late. So walking around it was possible only from 1968 year.

It is interesting that according to the project the bridge should be in retro style to fit in the classical building. But during the construction all the decor was decided to be removed, the bridge turned out in a constructivist spirit. The bridge is an exact replica of the bridge of the Duchess of Charlotte in Luxembourg.

In 2011, in the framework of the national project "Share Love to Ukraine" in Odessa, the grand opening of the "Loving Heart" installation took place, which solved a two-fold problem: helped to preserve the Odessa "Teshchin Bridge" and save a beautiful wedding tradition.