One Wall House Odessa
Witch House Odessa
One Wall House in Odessa
Vorontsovsky lane, 4
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During its existence, the house managed to overwhelm many legends and thoughts, sometimes mystical, but often simply meaningless, designed to explain the reasons for such an unconventional planning form of the building. It should be noted that the wrong form is not only the area where the house was built, but also several adjacent with it along the Vorontsovsky lane.

The Witch house in Odessa became a very popular attraction by chance - in fact, during its construction, no one planned to create an architectural masterpiece and surprise for everyone. The date of the construction of this house is not exactly known, the same as the name of the architect who gave the city one of miracles, but the house was supposedly built either in the 30s of the XIX century, when the main building of the street was held, or at the beginning of the XX century.

The prominent people of past time lived at this address. So, from 1894 an apartment in the house of Rafalovich was arended by Boris Yuliyovich Witte, chairman of the Odessa Chamber of Commerce, deputy mayor, a true state councilor. He was his brother Sergei Witte, a former minister of finance in the 1890s, and later from 1903, and before his retirement in 1906, the chairmen of the Committee of Ministers of the Russian Empire. Sergey Yuliyovych lived in Odessa in the youth, liked to come there and, of course, was in this house.

In the Soviet period of its history the building faced many other residential buildings in the center of Odessa. Thoroughly "compacted", re-planned for communal apartments, the house for decades was not repaired, which, of course, long ceased to surprise citizens. However, the most massive troubles in the life of the building appeared already in post-Soviet times. In the beginning of 2010, one of the inhabitants of the third floor made an attempt to build their apartments with attic. Construction work began with the separation of the ceiling of the attic and the roof, on what they "happily" ended.

Today, Rafalovich's house annually attracts thousands of tourists, surprising untrained people with the illusion that only a single facade wall has remained. In many other cities it is sometimes possible to find similar buildings, and for Odessa the building is not one: there are about ten buildings of similar construction, but "House-Wall" in Vorontsovsky lane, 4 - the most famous of them.