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Deribasovskaya street
Monument to Utyosov. Odessa
Deribasovskaya street in Odessa
The main street in Odessa
Deribasovskaya street
Monument to 12 chair
Monument to Segey Utochkin
Odessa Deribasovskaya street
Deribasovskaya street
XIX century
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odessa downtown

   Deribasovskaya is the most famous street in Odessa, named in honor of the founder of the city of Admiral Jose de Ribas (the people - Joseph Deribas). It is a street with old houses, restaurants and shops, along with the Greek square is a favorite place for walks of Odessa residents and guests of the city.

   To our days Deribasovskaya street has been renamed more than once. So in 1920 it was called Lassalle in honor of Ferdinand Lassalle - the organizer of the General German Workers' Union. In 1938 he was renamed Chkalov Street in memory of the deceased pilot-pilot V.F. Chkalov Since November 1941, the street again has the name Deribasovskaya.

   It is precisely this street that is connected with many interesting stories, tales and jokes, described by the funny Odessa people. There lived or visited a lot ofprominent figures of history, scientists and artists at Deribasovskaya . Despite the fact that this street does not reach the sea, Deribasovskaya still remains the central street of the city and a favorite place for meetings and walks of Odessa and city guests. There is a lot of cafes and restaurants where you can have a good time with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.
    At Deribasovskaya you can see a lot of the sights of Odessa, ranging from architectural monuments that have survived since the 19th century, and ending with unique and original monuments:

  • Monument to Leonid Utyosov. One of the most beautiful and famous monuments of Odessa is the Utysov monument. Anyone can sit with a famous singer on the same bench, take a picture. There is  the installed musical machine opposite, which accepts orders for Utiosov's songs.
  • Monument to Segey Utochkin. Monument to the sportsman, adventurer and aviator Utochkin is located in the city garden, at the entrance to the eponymous cinema. The monument is a figure in human growth, which lets a paper plane from an improvised balcony.
  • Monument to Lion and Loiness. The world-famous "Lion and the Lioness" authorship of the French sculptor Auguste Caen are cast from pure copper and live in the Municipal Garden.
  • Monument to 12th Chair.  The monument is located in the heart of Odessa at Deribasovskaya street. The monument is devoted to the famous work of I. Ilf and E. Petrov "Twelve Chairs". The monument symbolizes exactly that twelfth chair, in which were hidden treasures that did not reach the heroes.

Nowadays, this is a well-known pedestrian street in the city, which is a traditional receptionist of such holidays as: Odessa Gomorin and City Day.