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Olesko Castle
Lviv region, Busk district, Olesko village
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One of the oldest castles in Ukraine, probably, was built by one of the sons of Galician-Volyn prince Yuri Lvovich on a plateau hill that rises among the flood plains of the River Libertsy. The exact year of the castle's origin is unknown, but its first historical mention is in 1327. Olesko Castle was located on the border of Volyn and Halitia, which made it strategically important: the fort played a key role in the battles among Lithuania, Poland and Hungary. Already in the second half of the 15th century the castle lost its significance to the defensive structure and became a residence of magnates. In the seventeenth century near the castle was constructed Italian park. Since 1975 the castle opened a branch of Lviv Art Gallery. Museum-archive contains numerous restored objects and due to the efforts of the Lviv Art Gallery the exposition was replenished with new exclusive masterpieces.

Today Olesko Castle is a place famous for its exhibitions. Rich and unique collections attract the attention of a large number of tourists. The museum boasts a huge collection of wooden sculptures from the fourteenth to nineteenth centuries (the largest in Ukraine), including works by Pinzel and his students, Gutera, Kutschenwaiter, Fesinger, Osinsky and Obrotsky. Ukrainian icons, wooden sculptures, marble bust of Queen Barbara Radziwill, the portrait Basil Nicholas Potocki, battle painting “Battle of Vienna” and 17-18 century original furniture and many other valuable historical pieces. In general, this is a huge collection of unique works of art from the XIII-XIX centuries.The variety of funds of the Lviv Art Gallery made it possible to create a kind of exposition resembling castle exposition in other cities, but quite different from them. The stormy history of the castle did not contribute to the preservation of many authentic things, therefore authentication is represented by the facades of the building, castle portals, heraldic stone reliefs. You will be fascinated by the interesting pieces of art, that date back many hundreds of years, displayed in the castle’s museum. There are also some beautiful pieces of jewelry, glass-blown artworks and ornamental molding displayed in the exposition hall. Also near the castle is the town's cemetery which has many interesting ancient monuments. Oleskey Castle has become a noteworthy centre of education for the people and it is worth coming to visit to experience its rich culture.
Olesky Castle is filled with mysteries and interesting legends. Some believe that there are ghosts in the castle. According to one version, the spirit of the Czech monk Jan Kasper lives here. Also say, you can see two shadows at night. These are the souls of lovers who go to the echo of voices, but they can not meet with each other. Now the Olesky Castle takes tourists from all over the world who want to see the legends with their own eyes.
The Olesky Castle Museum is a unique treasure-house with collections that attract a great many visitors.