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Podil - Jewish District Tour
24 h
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   Podil is rightly considered as one of the most popular districts of Kiev. At the same time, it was able to meet prayer houses of other communities here: Polish, Armenian, Greek, Jewish, German, and Tatar.

  Who would ever think that Kiev, “Mother of Russian cities”, laid either Khazars or Jews? For the Soviet and the post-Soviet anti-Semetic Russia , this is absolutely unacceptable fact, so it remains only to rewrite the history. Which has been done and is still being rewritten again. And the Jews are guilty, as always...

  The former capital of Ukraine, Kiev was originated in the beginning of the 8th century on the territory under the control of the Khazars on the bank of the famous river Dnieper, as a border for the Khazars fortress. The Turkish and Iranian tribes, and Jewish merchants inhibited these territories, and the fortress was guarded by the East Iranian troops who at that time were hired to protect it. The city fortress was captured in 910 by the Ruses ( Varangians ). In years to come Kiev was inhabited by the Slavs who adopted Christianity at the very end of the 10th century, when Khazaria, having reached its peak, actually was already on the verge of its collapse.

     The whole History of Kiev is inserable from the History of the Jewish community. Thanks to Jewish philanthropists, the Bessarabian market, the buildings of the Kiev Polytechnic, the building were the Regional Hospital is now located, and the present Synagogue on Shchekavitskaya Street, and the prayer houses on the Lower Val, Yaroslavskaya, Mezhigorskaya and the first Talmud Torah ( the Jewish  Religious School at Konstantinovskaya. The projects that were built with the money of Jewish patrons of art, they became unique monuments.

      In Kiev, future political leaders of Israel were born- Gold Meier and Efrain Katzir. Also in Kiev lived and worked as a writer Sholom Aleichem, Isaac Babel was a student. Illya Ehrenburg was born in Kiev as well, and O. Mandel Shtam lived here. 
      So, It's worth walk through the Jewish addresses of Kiev, especially in Podil district. This place just breathes a variety of stories, facts and historical events. Actually here the streets, trees, houses and stones remember much, being silent witnesses to the life of the city.