Pidhirtsi castle
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Lviv region. Ukraine. Pidhirtsi
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Pidhirtsi Castle
Lviv region, Brody district, Pidhirtsi village
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Pidhirtsi Castle history

Its history began in the 17th century, when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's Crown Hetman Stanislaw Koniecpolski bought an old fortification in the small town Pidhirtsi and decided to rebuild it in Renaissance style. The castle complex includes a palace, surrounded by the fortifications, ramparts and moats, a Baroque church (1752-1766), entrance gates and wonderful 'Italian' park of the XVIII century with old linden trees. In 1720 the owner of the Pidhirtsi castle became Waclaw Rzewuski.It is originally conceived as a castle Renaissance and Baroque stylized fortified residence. It used to be considered as one of the best castles in Europe. Yet each time it was rebuilt, the palace became more and more beautiful, and its defenses - stronger and stronger. Later, the castle began to ruin because of financial inability of Rzewuski family. The significant damage suffered the Pidhirtsi castle during the years of World War II and the fire in 1956. Afterwards, it was again restored and adapted into a hospital that led to the demise of site.


Pidhirtsi Castle nowadays

The palace is a unique monument of the XVII century, which clearly reflects the final stage of the evolution of the defensive system, constructing on the basis of its' luxurious mansions and palaces.

Since the castle was built, many legends are retold all around the territory where it is located. But first of all, what is interesting Pidhirtsi Palace for tourists from all over the world - this is a mystic. The mysterious stories about the white figure of a woman, which seemed to be seen not every second local inhabitant, and the unusual energy of the whole castle, attract more and more visitors to Lviv region. There already visited shooting groups and "Battles of Psychics", "Haunted Hunters" and many other projects. And most interestingly, they all claim: ghosts still live here and the palace really is a place of paranormal activity.

A beautiful park surrounds the palace complex. It is truly a masterpiece of landscape art, and is the only Ukrainian park created in the so-called Italian style. Therefore, it belongs to the monument of landscaping art of national importance

As of today the castle is closed for restoration and reconstruction work. Only surrounding areas and facades are available for viewing.