Primorsky Boulevard
Duma building in Odessa
Primorsky Boulevard
Potemkin's staircase
Hotel Londonska in Odessa
Monument to Duke
Primorsky Boulevard
XIX century
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   Primorsky Boulevard is one of the symbols of Odessa and almost the main street of the historic center. The boulevard starts from the Duma square and ends with the pain of the Teschinsky bridge behind the Vorontsov Palace.

   During its history, the boulevard changed its name many times. In 1827 he was called New, from 1857 - Municipal, from 1877 - Mykolayivsky, from 1920 - the Feldman Boulevard, from 1944 and until now it is called Primorsky. The boulevard was laid in the beginning of the XIX century on the site of the ancient Greek settlement of VI-V centuries BC.

   Primorsky Boulevard begins with the Dumenskaya Square, from the Duma building, and extends to the very columns of the Vorontsov Palace. The amazing idea of his creation in the form of a single architectural palace ensemble: palaces of the boulevard lined up in a row, which is interrupted by a semi-circle of double buildings on the central square. In the very center of the city there is a monument to Duke, and at the foot of his feet there are Potemkin's staircase.

   There are a lot of maples, linden, chestnuts, planats throughot the length of the boulevard. There always walked such well-known personalities as I. Aivazovsky, N. Gogol, L. Ukrainka, V. Belinsky. An unbelievable decoration of Primorsky Boulevard is the Potemkin Staircase, which offers a magnificent view of the Odessa Commercial Port and on which you can go down to it. There is also a funicular railway on the territory of the boulevard, which will take everyone to the Marina station.

   Along the Primorsky Boulevard, there are many beautiful buildings, which, moreover, are quite interesting - the hotel "London", the Palace of Seafarers and others. In addition, here you will see monuments to the mayor of Odessa Duke de Richelieu and the famous Russian poet A. Pushkin.