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Strategic Missile Forces Museum
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Strategic Missile Forces Museum
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1961, museum since 2001
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Museum of Strategic Missile Forces is one of the unique military museums founded on 30 of October 2001 as a branch of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The exhibits of the museum are unique, you will not see this anywhere else. The variety of exhibit units is outstanding not only for their sizes but for its exclusiveness. Currently, the museum has more than 2000 exhibit units and their number is constantly growing.

The Museum of Strategic Missile Forces is an exceptional museum, the only one in Europe and CIS countries. The direction of its exposition reminds us of the danger that still threatens the world today.

In Soviet times, these places were of strategic importance - it was here that carefully disguised deep underground command posts and mines with the most modern nuclear missiles at that time were located. As only Ukraine became independent one of the command posts was transformed into a museum.

All combat equipment remained in the museum since the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Visitors to the museum can see and touch the famous multi-purpose intercontinental SATAN missile, which was designed to defeat all types of targets, including those protected by modern missile defence. The rocket weighs 211 tons, 34 meters in length and 3 meters in diameter. The maximum range of fire is 15000 km. To understand a lot of this,  guides give an example - three such missiles would be enough to completely destroy Ukraine.

In the museum, the same officers who served in this starting position and provide the reliability of the USSR's nuclear shield, operate and provide the functioning of this top-secret equipment nowadays. Therefore, their stories about nuclear power and combat duty are from the first person, and not learned from books.

By a separate arrangement, you can go down to the underground command post at a 30-meter depth, where there was a ‘red button’ or "nuclear button".