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Trukhaniv Island
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Trukhaniv Island Kiev Park

Trukhaniv Island is a super popular spot in Kiev for a young active people.

The Truhanov Island is a heavenly place for Kiev residents and guests of the city. The area of this large green area is approximately 450 hectares. There you can rest in all possible and impossible ways. And it is very convenient to get there. Short 15-minute walk from the metro station, and you are already here.

  • Long tracks for the Rollerblading with a nice scenery,
  • Safe routes for cycling and bikes rentals,
  • Barbecue and beach clubs,
  • Dancing parties on the weekends and much more cool stuff!

Ask our young local male or female guides to take you there and this will be one of your most memorable days in Kiev!  ->

Being a popular area for a young generation the Island itself still has a long “aquatic” history.

Back in the 19th century, there was a summer residence of the Kyiv Yacht Club.

In the Soviet times it housed the centre for rowers.

In 2012 it hosted as an official camping club for over 5000 Swedish fans of their national football tem. Nowadays it is a modern water-sports facility to practice rowing, kayaking and canoeing. Let's us introduce you more to this beautiful island.

History of Foundation and Trukhanov development

It is considered that the name of Trukhanov Island originates in the name of the Polovtsian khan Turghana, since at the end of the XI century there was the residence of his daughter - the wife of the Kiev prince Svyatopolk. 

This is hard to believe, but in the middle of the XIX century Trukhanov island was inhabited. A few decades later, he became a full-fledged village with a church, school and even a telephone line, which at that time was considered a huge luxury. The yacht club was built on the island, whose building has survived to this day.Yacht club on Trukhaniv Island

Mostly, the island was inhabited by workers of the shipping company, which occupied a considerable part of the territory, but at the beginning of the twentieth century, the authorities of the capital allowed to settle there everyone who wished. Then there was even a market on the island. People lived happily until the war began. It's scary to look at the post-war photographs: there is no trace left of the settlement, only terrible ruins. Only the yacht-club house survived. After the war, the authorities decided to turn the island into a recreational zone, and now, here is a big beach, cafes, rest homes. The connection with the island was supported by cruise boats until 1957, and after that the Pedestrian Bridge was already built.

The Pedestrian bridge is a bridge across the Dnipro, which connects the central part of Kiev with the park area and the beaches of Trukhanov Island.

In the northern part of the island there is a park "Friendship of the Nations", in whose territory, often concerts, festivals and popular holiday colors are held.