Water Museum
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Mykhaila Hrushevskoho St, 1В
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The museum was opened in 2003, after the reconstruction of the tower. The Water Museum is also called the Water Information Center. And indeed, the main task of the Water Museum is to tell visitors about the hydrosphere of the planet, the water reserves that Ukraine possesses, what irreversible processes cause the person's thoughtless activity, and how it affects on the ecology in general. It is interesting to see what way water does in nature, falling to the ground by rain, soaking in the earth, passing through various layers of soil, gathering in the underground rivers.

The entire exposition is located under the ground, where you need to go down the elevator. The guide will tell you how the drinking water was supplied to Kiev in ancient times, how much it cost, how the first water pipe was laid. Here you can see the current model of the artesian well, find out how the sewer is arranged. During the excursion to the Water Museum, visitors will learn what cleaning steps the river water passes before it becomes safe and usable, and what factors worsen the water on the way from the treatment facilities to our kitchens and bathrooms.

Many parts of the exposition are dynamic, for example, in the museum you can see a bathroom with taps, of which water constantly flows: a full bath, a full sink, a poorly adjusted flush at the tank is a demonstration of irrational water consumption.

Outlandish Japanese fish is swiming in a large swimming pool. If you bring a palm close to the water - the fish sometimes jump and touch you with their lips. Universal surprise is caused by a huge toilet in half of human growth. In one of the halls of the museum there is a grotto, passing through which one can see various transformations and water conditions: here there is a waterfall and a rain with a thunder-storm.