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The Armenian Cathedral
Armenian street, 7/13
1363 – 1370
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Lviv  doesn’t stop to amaze with its colorful attractions. One of the most famous tourist gems of the old city is the Armenian Cathedral. This is one of the oldest temples of the historical city, a mysterious, intimate piece of Armenia in Ukraine. The inner beauty of the Cathedral is simply not to describe with words, the interior leaves really unforgettable experiences.

How to get there:

From the airport: by Marshrutka 48 to Rizni Square;

From the train station: by Marshrutka 29 to Teatr lial'ok; by Tram 1 to Rynok Square;

From the bus station: by Bus 3А to Teatral’na Street; by Marshrutka 9 to  Petra Doroshenka St.

The Armenian Diaspora in Lviv appeared almost at one time with the founding of the city. They lived here according to their traditions, maintaining their native language and culture. The majority of these people were merchants and artisans, that means, they were people of good cultural wealth and high cultural self-esteem. That is why there was built Lviv Armenian Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in 1363. Dorynh was the architect of the cathedral. 

Of course, the temple was beautiful, but each community wanted to beautify the temple even more and give him something different and special, so many details were added in the Cathedral from year to year, from century to century.

The temple is three-stage building. Here are three different architectural styles. The oldest part was built in 1363. It is the oldest stone building, which is fully preserved in Lviv. It was typical Armenian architecture. The Cathedral was expanded in the 17th century. New part was made in the Baroque style. There was built the last part in modern style in the 20th century.

By the way, there were shooting the famous film "D'Artagnan and three Musketeers" on one of his yards, namely a duel between D'Artagnan and his friends.

The interior of the Cathedral differs from all the temples of the city. It strikes mystical beauty and bright colors of unique frescoes made by talented author John Rosen. The oldest part of the temple is painted by rich ornament on the Armenian motives. There are a lot of icons in the temple, most of them are written in Latin.

The Cathedral is a unique sample of Armenian architecture. This is not only a monument of architecture of national value, but also a unique structure, which has retained to our time special atmosphere of the XIV century.