Odessa fortress
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Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi fortress
Odessa Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi fortress and Shabo
Admirala Ushakova St, 2В | Shweyzarskaya St., 10
XIII century | XX century
8 AM - 8 PM
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The fortress of Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi is a monument of history and town planning of the XIII-XV centuries. It is one of the best preserved on the territory of Ukraine. Size of the fortress exceeds all such fortifications of the country (total area more than 9 hectares).

The construction of such a fortification structure was primarily due to political instability in the province. For many centuries the fortress operated as a military structure. The building survived more than three wars and thousands of battles. The fortress was destroyed several times, but it was reconstructed.

It is a complex of defensive structures with many layers of different building periods. Due to the richness of construction techniques, the variety of the building appearance, the features of Byzantine art, Gothic architecture, Muslim architecture, the fortress is an outstanding monument of medieval architecture.

Nowadays, the Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi fortress is a monument of national importance, attractive for numerous tourists. There are held a song festivals and knightly duels, walls of the fortress are "stormed" by theatrical performances.

The fortress is also interesting as an object for cinematographers. Here were shot: "Othello", "Admiral Ushakov", "Captain Nemo", "20 years later", "Healing with Love", "Doomed to Become a Star" and others.

 Despite numerous historical events, repairs and restructuring, the fortress retained its original structure, its uniqueness; high architectural and building skills are still admired and surprised by its majesty.


Shabo Wine Culture Center is the only tourist complex in Ukraine available for the visit at the premises of an active winemaking enterprise – combining state-of the art, high-tech production process with unique historical and cultural landmarks.

The centuries-old traditions of Shabo winemaking formed the basis for the creation an enterprise Shabo - the Ukrainian winery complex with a full production cycle. The company's activities are directed to the cultivation and grapes processing, production and sales of alcohol products of Shabo, created exclusively from selected grapes.

The enterprise quickly became the leader of the industry. Today, a wide range of Shabo products is widely represented in all the regions of Ukraine, as well as in Georgia, China, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Belgium, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, USA, Brazil, Canada, Azerbaijan, Japan, Iraq, Israel, Norway and the UK.

During a tour you will visit: noble beverages, 200 y.o. Royal cellars, underground wine storage, and other facilities, which will help you to receive a unique opportunity to learn about the history of winemaking.

Tours start at: 10:00, 13:00, 16:00

1.Standard tour without tasting, duration: 1.5 hours - 130 UAH

2.Standard tour with tasting, duration: 2.5 hours, tasting carte: 8 Shabo beverages -180 UAH

3. VIP tour without tasting, duration: 2,5 hours - 240 UAH

4. VIP tour with tasting, duration: 3 hours, tasting carte: 8 premium-class Shabo beverages - 490 UAH