The catacombs of Odessa
Odessa catacombs
Odessa Tour to The catacombs
Odessa catacombs
Ploshcha Partyzan, 4
15th century
9 AM - 5 PM

History of catacombs

The catacombs are a web of underground tunnels and labyrinths under the Odessa. Most of the catacombs were quarries in the past, here was mined stone for building. In addition to quarries, the system of Odessa catacombs includes "mines" – cellars, bunkers, storm sewers and other underground cavities, which created by residents. Catacombs can tell a lot about not only the history of Odessa, but also about the geological, zoological and historical past of this region.

The first small quarries appeared in the 15th century with the formation of the current city of the Slavic settlement of Kacibey. But better part of the underground quarries arose in the first half of the XIX century, during the rapid construction of Odessa, as a source of inexpensive building material - shell rock. The extraction of the stone was carried out with the help of saws, and was so intense that already in the second half of the XIX century an extensive web of underground cavities began to cause inconvenience to the city.

During the Second World War, these underground labyrinths hid partisans. In this period, the headquarters of General Molodtsov was located in the catacombs. More detailed story about the catacombs and partisans our guide will tell for you.

Until now, the Odessa catacombs are full of mysteries. Specialists, who study the Odessa catacombs throughout their lives, and through tens of years of diligent search, discover new underground areas. Due to its scale, darkness, silence and lack of communication with the outside world, the Odessa catacombs will always remain an endless fount of unusual and surprising.

Excursions to Odessa Catacombs

During the excursion of Odessa catacombs tourist will be able to view “Museum of Partisans Glory”, this is only one small portion of catacombs, which open to the public. We will see kitchen, bathroom, headquarter and other staff of partisans.

Also you can go to the galleries of the catacombs, where the building stone "shell rock" was mined and you will learn everything about the hard labor of stone mining. You will learn how the catacomb inhabitants lived underground and you will hear legends and fairy tales of this underground world.

If you want to spend time in one of the most interesting and mysterious places in Odessa don’t hesitate and order this tour. Our guide will tell you all about this grandiose underground quarry system.