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The Chapel of the Boim family
Cathedral Square, 1
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The chapel of Boim family— a monument of sacral architecture on the Cathedral square, 1 in Lviv. It is one of the best monuments of the late Renaissance in Lviv.

How to get there:

From the airport: by Marshrutka 48 to Rizni Square; by Trolleybus 9 ( Stepana Bandery St) + Tram 1 (Rynok Square);

From the train station: by Tram 1 to Rynok Square; by Tram 9 to Rus’ka St

From the bus station: by Bus 3A to Pidval’na St; by Marshrutka 9 to  Petra Doroshenka St.

The chapel of Boim family – unique for Lviv and Ukraine, the family tomb of the patricians of the Boim family from Hungary. The chapel was built in 1609-1615 years in the former city cemetery, near the Latin Cathedral. George Boim ordered and started tomb of the family and his son Pavel Boim completed it. There are buried 14 people from the dynasty of the Boim family in the chapel.

Interesting is the fact that there are arguments to this day about accurate name of the architect of the building. For one version the building was erected according to the project Wroclaw builder Andrew Bemer and sanctified in 1615. Small in size, the chapel is a valuable monument of the early Renaissance, the architecture memorial of the city. According to the architectural style the chapel of the Boim family combines elements of the Renaissance with elements of Baroque. 

The walls of the chapel of the Boim family are directed clearly to the parts of the world. In particular, Western wall of the chapel has unmatched architectural value, which is decorated with numerous sculptures of the prophets. There are pictures of Gregory Boim, the founder of the chapel and his wife Jadwiga on the east wall of the chapel. Unique interior of the chapel of the Boim family impresses with its skill and beauty of performance. Most of the sculptures inside were made by Johann Pfister.

"Passerby, stop and think, if your suffering is greater than mine" – these words are written at the foot of the statue of Jesus in the chapel of the Boim family.

For 400 years, The Сhapel of the Boim family adorns the capital of Western Ukraine. This chapel — the pearl, one of the many architectural decorations of Lviv, whose centre is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The Chapel of Boim Family is often compared to the burial vault of the Polish King Sigismund, which is located in the Wawel Castle in Krakow.

The chapel of the Boim family is open to visitors only in the summer months!