The High Castle
Lviv attractions. The High Castle
The High Castle in Lviv city
The High Castle
Uzhhorodska Streets
XIІІ century
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Since ancient times the Lviv  Castle, located in the center of the city, was considered as the hallmark of the city. Park reveals the beauty and grandeur of the ancient city from the height of 400 m. Therefore being in Lviv you just need to climb the High Castle to see the beauty of the city. The Castle Hill or a High Castle Mountain is a complex of monuments: Park High Castle, founded in 1835; fort ancient city of Lviv archeological monument of national importance; cave lions and sculptures (monuments of national importance), and, of course, the remains of the High Castle, which was built in the XIII century by Galicia-Volyn Prince Lev.

Today there are only the ruins of the castle, which was erected in the XIII century under the leadership of Prince Lev Danilovich, son of Daniel Galitsky. During its history the castle was many times burned or destroyed, as well as it was then repaired and rebuilt.

The High Castle is located on a Princely mount, also called as Castle Hill. This is the highest point in the city, 413 meters above sea level, there is an observation deck. You have to overcome more than 123 meters up to climb here. In fact, there are three lookouts in the High Castle: two are located on the bottom level and one on the top, from which a breathtaking panorama of the city opens. Looking at the streets, you will be able to find new attractive corners of the city, which are worth seeing.

Park "High Castle" — founded in 1835, the monument of landscape art of local importance. The Park is part of the nature reserve Fund of Ukraine as a national treasure. Its total area is 36,2 hectares. The Park consists of two terraces. On the lower terrace there are a gardener's house, a memorial sign in honor of Maxim Kryvonos, restaurant, lower observation deck. On the upper terrace there are the remains of the High castle, an artificial mound with a viewing platform, the ancient stone sculpture of lion (now it is on restoration)

The High Castle opens unbelievable view on the beautiful city and its ancient architecture, when it is a good weather you can also see the Carpathian mountains. Park "High castle" is a favorite place for walking for residents and guests of the city. 

How to get there:
From the train station: by Tram or by Marshrutka to Yakova Ostrianytsi St.
From the bus station: by Marshrutka to Korduby St, or to Rizni Square + Marshrutka to Yakova Ostrianytsi St.