Khreschatik. Kiev central street.
Central street of Kyiv Khreschatik
Khreschatik street at night
Khreschatik. Kiev central street.
Khreschatik. Kiev central street
middle of 19th century
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Length : 1.2 km. Kreshchatik is the shortest central street of the capital in the whole Europe. Kreschatik street begins from European square, laying across Independence square (Majdan) and ends up on Bessarabska square.

Width: 75 m. Though it became 35 meters wide after the World war II.

Year of foundation: middle of 19th century. It is as old as Independence square. In older times of Kievan Rus' there was a forested valley being used as a hunting ground in place of the current area of Khreshchatyk. Later on they have started developing and constructing new buildings, first theater (in 1803), City Council administration, tram line on Kreschatik street.

Unfortunately during 2nd World War in September 1941, a few days after the occupation of Kiev, the whole street was bombed (because of the series of explosions caused by ammunition left by Soviet Union NKVD during the retreat from the city, so all the architectural structures detonated), street was ruined and renovated later in 1950s.

Names of the street during its existence: the central street was renamed few times before it gained its current famous name. At the beginning of 19 century it was the Theater str., then Vorovskogo str., and since 1869 it got a fixed name of Khreshchatyk.

Technical development: In the early twentieth century Khreshchatyk already had such a good infrastructure as central water supply, sewage system, gas, electricity, and since 1892 operating tram (first in Czarist Russia).

In the postwar period Khreshchatyk they actively started rebuilding and renovation of the buildings in absolutely brand new architectural style of Stalin’s Empire at the same time following the demand to keep the configuration of the street.

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What to see in Kiev on Khreshchatik nowadays

  1. Kiev founders’ monument of 3 brothers Kyi, Scherk and Horyv and their sister Lybid, all standing in the boat, located on the Independence square crossing Kreschatik by the subway entrance.
  2. Kiev city administration of the head Post office “Pochtamp”,
  3. Kiev City Municipality,
  4. Ministry of Agrarian Policy,
  5. the National Committee for Television and Radio,
  6. CUM – Central Universal Market,
  7. Bessarabian market
  8. Arch of friendship (Rainbow). A nice view point showing Dnipro river banks and ancient Podil district, located at the beginning of the street, across European square, in front of the Dnipro hotel.
  9. House with Khimeras and President Administration, just 5 minutes walk from Kreschatik. Ask people or local Kiev guide the direction.

What to do on Kreschatik/Khreshchatyk:

Take a sit on one of the plenty benches under the trees and watch the local people and life style.

Eat famous local ice-cream Lemon&Choko mix in a tapered waffle.

Go shopping: there are 2 huge underground shopping malls, one under the Independence square called “Globus”, and the other under Bessarabka, called “Metrograd”.

Have Ukrainian national dinner at popular chain “Puzata Hata”.

Take subway to see one the of the most architecturally styled subway stations in the world.

Visit Philharmonic or Opera House performance.

** Since the late 1990s. on all the weekends and holidays days vehicular traffic on Khreshchatyk is being stopped and this street becomes a pedestrian since 10 AM till 10 PM. Kreshchatik/Khreshchatyk is especially nice in May with its blossoming chestnuts trees.

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Kiev Night life

Kiev night life is rich and mainly concentrated in the downtown area. It starts from Bessarabka square where you will find plenty of bars, night clubs, karaoke cafes and restaurants. Take a walk inside the Arena entertainment and you will find yourself surrounded by the parties after 10 pm. The bigest club there is Skybar. To continue your night life tour you may walk streight to the end of Kreschatik street and find more bars and lounge restaurants. At the end, on European square turn to the Dinamo Stadium and you will find another popular disco club D'LUX. 

Kiev Public Transport
Considering the fact how big Kiev is, it's obvious that traffic is quite busy in the city. Except for the hundreds of thousands cars, all the varieties of the public transport vehicles run in Kiev:

Buses and mini-buses (called Marshrutka)

  • Trollerbuses
  • Trams
  • Funicular
  • Taxi

Taxi is very spread in Kiev, keep in mind that price will be 30-40% lower  if taxi is preordered by phone, compareing to those you can catch on the streets.