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Kiev Independence square
Independence square
XIX century
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What to start with when you are planning to visit Kiev and going sightseeing? What are the TOP attractions of Kiev travel?

Visit to Kiev is often associated with its central street Kreschatik and Independence square - the heart of Kiev downtown. See photogallery of Independence square below.

Historical name and story
Your holidays in Ukraine and visit to Kiev should start at Independence square (ukr:Majdan Nezalezhnosti, or just "Maidan"), main place and platz of the Kiev downtown, and Independence monument.  Independence square has got its name in 1991 (after many changes before) and is situated in the middle of  Kreschatik street. During visit Kiev tourists like to stay for a while on the Independence square to take pictures of its fabulous famous view from the hill neaby "Ukraine" hotel, eat special lemon-choko icecream, watch people walking around  and breathe local culture...

Events and activities
As the main central point of the capital city and the whole country, Majdan is commonly used for lots of events and activities: big celebration like New Year night festivals, concerts, parades. Meanwhile it's also famous for being occupied by protesting strikes and during Orange revolution in 2004 and revolution for President impichment in 2014.

Shopping in Kiev downtown
Nowadays Maidan is also has huge underground shopping mall "Globus", walking area with fontains and banches around and just the most famous spot in Kiev. Everything you need to buy in downtown area you will find here: food store, clothes, jewerly, electronics, souvenirs, foodcourts, and even banks in this underground world.

Modern architectural view of Majdan
The Independence monument was erected in honor of the 10th anniversary of Ukraine's independence in 2001 and is one of the best elements of the newest  architecture and  history of Ukraine. The author of the Monument of Independence is a sculptor Anatoly Kiev Kusch, who was able to combine the features of the three projects involved in the competition.

At the beginning of the Kiev visit and Independence monument are the first things impressive from the first view: first of all this is a column.

Independence square (Maidan) and the Monument of Independence will impressively get you introduced to the city and open your holidays in Ukraine. The first thing that impresses about the monument is a column 52 m height  tower, topped by a 9-meter sculpture of a woman – Guardian. Guardian is the oldest symbol in the Ukrainian culture. It protects all the vital which gives the life. The Guardian is holding a guelder rose branch in her hands, which symbolizes the continuation of the species and Ukrainian family. Ornamentation on the clothing of the monument, ribbon wreath and guelder rose branch are covered with gold. When visiting the monument, we should pay attention to the very pillar, which is lined with white Italian marble, and executed in the traditional Ukrainian baroque style with elements of late classicism - «empire».

When you visit Kiev you may notice that the Independence monument looks a lot like the Vendome column in Paris and Nelson's Column, which is located in Trafalgar Square in London. The tower was built on the pedestal designed at a Christian church style of Ukrainian Baroque. In the middle of the column is a spiral staircase. There is special 1.5-ton pendulum suspended inside the column to make a statue more stable so it won’t lose its persistence in virtue of wind loads. The pendulum must extinguish oscillations arising due to the possible external environmental factors, other influences and cataclysms. So when you are going to visit Kiev Independence monument will be interesting to see and to compare with europian "brothers". That is on more reason why holidays in Ukraine are interesting and curious.

Independence square (Majdan or Maidan) is main site which worth seeing when you visit Kiev. Independence square is highly popular spot among local Kiev citizens as well as among foreign guests and tourists who come to the capital for holidays in Ukraine. Thus - highly recommended to visit and see :).