Kiev Opera
Kiev Opera
Kiev Opera Inside
Kiev Opera
Volodymyrska street, 50, Kyiv, 01034
from 11 AM to 7:30 PM
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1.5 - 2 hours
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Kiev opera and Balley theater is very popular among Ukrainians as well as among foreign tourists. When the season starts (usually in September every year and till June), it is preferable to buy tickets in advance by a couple of weeks, otherwise there is high chance that they will be sold out on the day of performance.

National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ukraine is located at the intersection of two central streets of Kiev - Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street and Vladimirskaya, in a building which is an architectural  monument of 19th century. Not far from the Kiev Opera House there are such attractions as St. Sophia's Cathedral and the Golden Gate.

The appearance of the building of the National Opera of Ukraine was preceded by sad event in February 1896, after a morning performance in a dressing room a fire started and quickly spread around to all areas of the City Theatre, built in 1856. Within a few hours away nothing left from the building. During those times this was not an exceptional occurrence. For example, during 2 years (1889-1891) 22 theater buildings have suffered from fires in Europe and America.

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Tickets reservation the the Opera and Balley performances

Opera and Balley theater in Kiev is very popular among Ukrainians as well as among the foreign guests of the city. When the season starts in September and continues till June it's better to take care to buy tickets a couple of weeks in advance. Otherwise there is a high chance that tickets to the Opera House will be sold out on the date of the performance.

Opera House architecture

Since Kyiv has already been a major industrial and cultural center of the Russian Empire in 18 century, the public and creative intellectuals confronted the issue of a new building construction for the opera house. As a result of arguments and debates it was taken the decision to announce an international competition for the new Kiev opera building design. The competition attracted architects from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France and Italy. At the end the winner was announced in February 25, 1897, and he was a famous Russian architect: Viktor Schröter.

In 1898, construction of the new National Opera and Ballet Theater started, which involved more than 300 workers.
The architect came up with the great sensitivity to the creation of the project. Considering the fact that the new opera house will be located in the historical center of Kiev, Viktor Schröter made ​​sure that the building in neo-Renaissance style perfectly fits into the architectural and natural landscape, and is not discordant with the surrounding buildings. The Kiev Opera theater building was not only beautiful on the outside, but also convenient for visitors and employees of the theater inside the building.