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Kiev Rus Park
Kiev Rus Park
Kiev Rus Park
Kopachiv village, Kyivska Oblast'
from 10 AM to 7 PM
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Visiting “Kiev Rus Park" of ancient Kiev, we immerse into the atmosphere of life of our ancestors. The project “Kiev Rus” aims to show Ukrainian and foreign tourists the ancient look of Kiev and Slavic culture in the very beginning of its existence.

It was created in the village Kopachiv, located 34 kilometers away from Kiev and occupying more than 50 hectars. The main point of the park is its “Dytynets” square, which is the reproduction of the ancient Kiev downtown of 11th-13th centuries.

A little bit of Kiev history

Kiev historical downtown was settled down during the reign of Prince Vladimir in 980-1015 after AD.

The development and construction of the whole architectural ensemble of the Kiev downtown was finished in 6th century. Nowadays this original territory is surrounded by modern buildings and museums: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, St. Andrew church, Museum of Ukraine history and others.

Later the downtown area was spread up and enclosed by defensive walls on the order of Prince Vladimir. They have built the palace complex, church and other facilities on surrounding territory.

When the Yaroslav the Wise came to the reign they have started new era constructing new facilities: Big Yaroslav’s Palace, monasteries and many more. So called “Detynets” was a motherland for Slavic history and Slavic nations connected. That was the place where Kiev has started from and the Kiev Rus and Russian empire in future.

Kiev Rus Park structure, strategy and future plans.

On the territory of “Kiev Rus Park” the creators have built replicas of the ancient buildings, none of which survived to our time: defenses, Palace of Prince Vladimir and Olga Great, Fedor’s Monastery, Yaroslav’s yard, Rotunda which existed in 13th century.

Annual international festival “Kiev Rus” is being held in the Park-museum. The festival attracts guests and participants from all Ukraine, post USSR countries and Eastern Europe. Interesting events, variety of competitions involving visitors and guests of the museum as well as professional actors performances. This non-stop full day show makes visitors plunge into the wonderful and great atmosphere of Kievan Rus era.

You may check the schedule of events on official website of the entertainment Park “Kiev Rus”.

The project “Kiev Rus Park” is still expanding

and growing. It is expected to settle down 10 thematic clubs (among the existing are: pottery sculpture club, javelin-throwing etc.), more than 20 museums, horse riding, 2 amateur and folk art schools, kids playground, ZOO etc.

The project “Kiev Rus Park” is supported by Ukrainian government, CIS Assembly, scientific institutes.