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Lviv Opera House inside
Lviv attractions. Lviv Opera House
Lviv Opera House
28 Svobody Square
1900 year
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Lviv Opera house is one of the most beautiful theaters not only in Lviv and Ukraine but also in all Europe, it is printed on the national currency. 

How to get there:

From the airport: by trolley №9 to the Svobody Square;

From the train station: by tram №6, bus №31, marshrutka №29 to the Severyna Nalyvaika street, by marshrytka №51 to the mall ‘Magnus’;

From the bus station: by bus №3A to the Teatralna street, by marshrutka №9 to the Rizni square.

A monumental building of the Opera House closes the perspective central avenue of Lviv — Svobody square. The Lviv Opera House has been built in the city center on the project by the genius architect Zygmunt Gorgolewski. Its architectural ensemble was demanded by special arrangement, so the theatre was built on the main Avenue of the city, despite the fact that there was a river Poltva. Only Zygmunt Gorgolewski find out how to drive the Poltva river underground, and build a majestic house in the heart of the city. The river still runs under the theatre and you can even see it! Stylistically the building belongs to the neo-Renaissance and neo-Baroque.

The lush facade of the building is decorated with rich sculptural decoration: columns, niches, balustrades. The building is beautifully decorated with incredible sculpture compositions: the muses, statues made by eminent sculptors. The interior of the theater is also striking in its beauty. While decorating gilding, multicolored marbles, paintings, and wonderful pieces of sculpture were used. 

The audience hall of the Opera house has the shape of a lyre and has a capacity of 1200 people, representing 44 lodges.

Lviv national academic theatre of Opera and ballet S. Krushelnytska today is a great creative team who has great creative achievements. The repertoire now is 10 Ukrainian musical-theatrical works. It is important to emphasize that such a number of Ukrainian plays has not any similar theater of Ukraine.