The Palace of Counts Potockis.
Lviv attractions.The Palace of Counts Potockis
The Palace of Counts Potockis inside
The Palace of Counts Potockis. Lviv sighteeing
The Palace of Counts Potockis
Lviv. The Palace of Counts Potockis
Kopernyka Street, 15
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The unic history of the palace

The Palace of Counts Potockis in Lviv is not only one building of Polish magnates in Ukraine (well preserved Potocki Palace in Tulchin, Potocki Palace in Odessa, Potocki Palace in Chervonohrad et al.). Potocki Palace in Lviv was used by its owners for important meetings and receptions. 
The palace was built on the orders of Alfred Potocki in 1889 in the French style. Earl was known as a connoisseur of French architecture, therefore palace was designed by French architect Louis d'Overn. Construction was led by the architect J. Cybulski. Unfortunately, the earl Potocki didn’t sow the built  palace. The son of Alfred II - Roman Potocki completed the construction of palace. 


Architectural features of the palace

Palace is built in Baroque classicism architectural style. It is built in the H-shaped plan in two floors, has a loft and the windows were lavishly decorated with stucco. Also there is beautiful park behind the palace.
The interior of the palace was decorated in the style of Louis XVI. Each room is decorated in its own way, often in a different color, so there are their names - Blue Hall, Red Hall, Hall of Mirrors. The interior was richly decorated with stucco, colored by wallpaper, stone, marble, gold leaf. Much of this has been preserved to our days.
After 2000, there is the Lviv Art Gallery in the palace. Now there are exhibition of interiors and European art of XIV-XVIII century, and there is held Book Publishers Forum every year. Often there are conferences, presentations, business meetings, chamber concerts. 
Behind the palace you can find the exhibition of miniature castles that existed in Ukraine.
The Palace of Counts Potockis is located on the Kopernyka street, 15, in the city center. It is easily accessible by tram №1. 
Exposition is open to visitors every day except Monday.
In the summer: from 11.00 to 18.00. 
In winter from 10.00 to 17.00 
Sunday: from 12.00 to 17.00. 
Ticket price:
for pupils and students - 5 UAH. (cost of the tour - 30 UAH).
For adult - 10 USD. (cost of the tour - 50 UAH).