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Lychakiv Cemetery
Lychakiv Cemetery
33 Mechnikova str.
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Lychakiv cemetery is one of the greatest necropolises in Europe. It was founded in 1786. There were buried famous figures of culture, art, science, and administrative elite of the capital of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria from the first years of its foundation. It is one of the best known European necropolises containing a lot of artistic monuments. The cemetery has been declared a historical, archaeological and artistic monument of national significance.

How to get there:

From the airport: by Trolleybus 9 (to Stepana Bandery St) + Marshrutka 24 (to Mechnykova St);

From the train station: by Marshrutka 29 to Mechnykova St; by Marshrutka 24 to Mechnykova St;

From the bus station: by Trolleybus 25 to Yosypa Slipoho St; by Bus 3А (to Shota Rustaveli St) + Marshrutka 15 ( to Yosypa Slipoho St). 

Lychakiv cemetery – is the cemetery-museum under the open sky and the largest necropolis of the city, with an area of 42 hectares, there are about 300 thousand graves, more than 2 thousand crypts and almost 500 sculptures and reliefs. A various  architectural and landscape planning of the area is striking in its perfection and talent. Lychakiv cemetery is not just a cemetery, it is a real pantheon of art and beauty, a place where time stops its flow, where the history of the individual personalities of different ages and nationalities opens. 

Walking along the paths of Lychakov, we can read sad inscriptions on the tombstones in different languages, such as German and Polish, Ukrainian and Armenian, Latin and Russian and others.

The oldest tombstone in the cemetery dates back to 1675. The Lychakiv Cemetery is also famous for some 23 beautifully adorned chapels and shrines, which belonged to wealthy Lviv families.

Cemeteries became a mass grave for soldiers of many wars and fighters for independence of their nations. There are graves of such famous personalities in the cemetery: Ivan Franko, Markiyan Shashkevych, Solomiya Krushelnytska, Ivan Krypiakevych, Stanislaw Lyudkevych, Volodymyr Ivasiuk, Arthur Grottger, Franciszek Smolka, Leopold Levitsky, Victor Chukarin and many others.