Lviv sightseeing. Market Square
Lviv sightseeing. Market Square
Lviv center. Ukraine. Market Square
Lviv Market Square
Market Sqaure
the second half of XII century
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Market square - is the most prominent attraction of the city, the historical heart of the modern city, belongs to the UNESCO world heritage.

The Market Square in the middle age

Market square was the center of public cultural, social and political life of the city residents for many centuries. There was located the market, which was attended not only by residents of the city, and also by residents of other cities and countries. Also there were held a variety of interesting events and activities.

There is the City Hall in the center of the square, which is now the residence of the Lviv city Council. The attention of tourists are also attracted to the clock that hangs on the building and it is one of the latest mechanical tower clocks in Europe.

Modern tower of Lviv City Hall has a 65 meters high and is the highest in Ukraine. A viewing platform, equipped in the tower of the town hall, allows tourists to enjoy beautiful views of the historic city.

Four fountains, which are located in the four corners of the square, are a speciality of the Market Square. There are interesting sculptures in the middle of the fountains: of the sea God Neptune, his wife Amphitrite, goddess of the hunt Diana and the hero Adonis. Mythical heroes are often put on various clothes during different celebrations, for example they were dressed in the form of Ukrainian national team at Euro 2012, or they were dressed the vushuvanka on national holidays. 

Architectural ensamble of the Market square

In General, the Market area consists of 44 buildings and the town hall in the center, which were built mostly in the Renaissance style. All the buildings in the Market Square are really beautiful, among the best buildings that clearly catches attention include Bandinelli Kamenica, Kamenica Ubaldini, The Black Stone House, Kornyakt Palace.

Bandinelli Kamenica was built on the eastern side of Market square in the late XVI century. The building belongs to the best examples of late Renaissance architecture in Lviv. Its traditional name, "Palazzo Bandinelli", comes from the name of the ancient owner, Roberto Bandinelli.

Kamenica Ubaldi named by the family of the Lviv burghers of Italian origin, who owned the previous house on this site. The building was rebuilt in the Baroque style under the project of known Lviv architect Peter Poleyovskiy in the XVIII century.

The Black Stone House is one of the most famous architectural monuments of Lviv. The building is one of the best examples of residential architecture of the late Renaissance, built in the 16th century. The facade of the house covered with stone diamond rust, which has darkened over time, so that’s where comes from the name of the house. there is the historical Museum of Lviv inside the house.

The Kornyakt Palace was built in the Renaissance style in the 16th century by the same architects that built the Black Stone House. Lviv residents call the courtyard of the building Italian. Now there is a historical Museum in the building and there is cafe, which works in summer in the Italian courtyard, also and there are concerts of classical music in the evenings.

How to get there:

• From the airport: taxi (called ‘marshrutka’) number 48 to Svobody Avenue
• From railway station: by tram № 1 or № 10 to the Market Square
• From bus station: bus № 3A to the monument of Ivan Fedorov (Pidvalna street)