New Synagogue and the Brodsky Synagogue
Odessa Brodsky Synagogue
Synagogue Ukraine
Odessa The New Synagogue and the Brodsky Synagogue
Yevreis'ka St, 25-29 | Zhukovs'koho St, 18
1820 | 1841

The New Synagogue

This is the first synagogue in Odessa, which was built in the 1820's. It didn’t differ either in landscaping or architectural dignities. By the beginning of the 1950s, the old building was decaying badly, so the community began to raise funds for rebuilding this synagogue.

The New main synagogue, which was built in 1850, is a two-story building, built in the Florentine style with elements of Romanesque architecture. Grandeur and at the same time the elegance of the building amazes the attention of contemporaries.

During the Second World War, the synagogue was taken from the Jewish community, but in 1996 it was returned. Most of the religious attributes and books the community managed to save and after the return of the building to the Jewish community of Odessa it was returned to their seats. Despite the fact that since its erection the building of the synagogue has undergone serious changes, now it is great architectural and historical value. Everyone can see its interior and learn more about the life of the Jewish community, the synagogue is open for a visit.

Nowadays, daily and festive prayers are held here, which gathers several hundred parishioners. On holidays here come not only from Odessa, but also believing Jews from Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Chernomorsk, Izmail and other cities of Ukraine.

The Brodsky Synagogue

The Brodsky Synagogue is located in the city center and it’s one of the most noteworthy buildings of the city, the most striking symbol of Jewish Odessa. The synagogue was built in 1841 by people from the city of Brody, which belonging to Austria-Hungary (hence the name). People of Brody were the most active part of the Odessa population, adherents of the ideas of Jewish enlightenment.

For almost a hundred years the Brodsky synagogue served not only as a house of prayer, but also as a kind of cultural center of the Odessa Jewish intelligentsia. In addition to the richness and consideration in society a parishioners of the synagogue was distinguished by their love for the beautiful music. Here was established the first organ in Ukraine.

Here also was a choir, it was more than 50 years led by the famous composer David Novakovsky. «His choir sang better than angels sing at the throne of the Lord» - said people of Odessa.

Now the Brodsky Synagogue is closed to visitors, but it is one of the best cultural attractions of Odessa and it needed to be watched by tourists.

If you want to get acquainted with the Jewish culture, which is very common in Odessa and learn more about  sights that have particular meaning to Jewish history and memorial places of Jewish poets and writers, who enriched Odessa’s cultural life you should go on this tour.