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Odessa Archaeological Museum
Odessa Archaeological Museum
Archeology museum Ukraine Odessa
Odessa museum of archeology tour
Archeological museum in Odessa photo
Archaeological Museum in Odessa Ukraine
Odessa Archaeological Museum
Lanzheronovskaya, 4
10 AM - 5 PM
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Odessa Archeology museum

Foundation of the Archeology Museum

The Odessa Archaeological Museum was founded greatfully to the contribution of the famous nobels and scientists in 1825. Among the fervent contributors were office-bearer Blaramberg and graph Vorontsov. Vorontsov even donated his private collection of exquisite Greek vases.

Currently, the main fund of the oldest Archaeological museum in Ukraine has more than 160 thousand exhibits. This is the most representative collection of archaeological sources in the ancient history of the south of Ukraine. It covers a huge chronological period - from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages.

The building is an attraction and a masterpiece itself. It’s built in Antic classic style and located in the authentic centre, just next to the Opera house.

Values of the Museum
Of the particular interest are the finds from the settlements and burial grounds of Trypillya culture, mounds burials and treasures of bronze. In the first millennium BC on the shores of the Black Sea, the colony towns of Olbia, Tire, Nikonius, Panticapaeum, Chersonesos were founded here. This explains why there were so many Greek artifacts in the territory of the former Kievan Rus before the foundation of the museum in the early 19th century. The flourishing of ancient civilization is vividly represented by painted vessels, terracotta sculptures, inscriptions, art crafts.
A collection of excavations from the time of Scythian tribes and Sarmatians is presented by bijou from Scythian and Sarmatian burial grounds, medieval burials of nomads.
From the middle of the first millennium the formation of Slavic nationalities started. In the IX century they united in the state with the capital in Kiev. The Archaeology museum in Odessa discovers prehistory of Ukraine territories but also stores collections of antiquities of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Italy.
Among them visitors can find a truly precious relic, legendary Scythian gold and unique numismatic collection stored in the "Golden pantry."
In the "Golden pantry" you can see rare gold and silver coins, jewelry from Scythian and Sarmatian burial, medieval graves of nomads, articles by Slavic craftsmen.
Of the 50,000 coins stored in the museum, the most rare and valuable gold and silver coins are from Ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantium. In the section of Russian numismatics, coins are shown from the beginning represented the first one - the zlatnik of Prince Vladimir, and ending the exposition with the coining of the last kings.
The museum also contains a unique collection of reminders findings of Ancient Egypt. This is the first full Egyptian collection in Ukraine. Its includes wooden and stones sarcophagus, fragments of papyrus with hieroglyphics, funerary equipment.
The Archeologic museum of Odessa and its historical excavations let us understand how deeply mixed was a history of Ukraine. The exhibits tell us which nations and cultures influenced the development of the South of Ukraine and particularly Black sea coasts areas.