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Odessa Art Museum
Art Museum in Odessa
Odessa Arts
Odessa Art Museum
Sofiivs'ka Street, 5А
10:30 AM - 5:30 PM
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Odessa Archeology museum

Foundation of the Art Museum

The Odessa Art Museum was opened on November 6, 1899 by the efforts of the Odessa Society of Fine Arts (founded in 1865).

The building of the museum was created between 1824 and 1828. The first owner of the palace was the Countess Olga Stanislavovna Naryshkina (nee Pototskaya). In 1888 the palace was purchased by the Odessa city head G. G. Marazli - a prominent public figure, collector and patron of art. In 1892 G. G. Marazli transferred the palace to the city, with the aim of building a museum of fine arts in it.

The architecture of the palace embodies the best traditions of Russian classicism of the early XIX century. The centric composition of the building consisting of a two-story building with a portico of six columns of the Corinthian warrant supporting the pediment, two symmetrically located one-story outhouses, connected by rounded galleries. It’s characterized by strict and harmonious elegance.

Collection of the Museum

Collection of the Art Museum consists of more than 100 thousand works (including paintings by some of the best-known European artists of late 19th and early 20th century) and covers all kinds of fine arts: painting, graphics, sculpture, applied art. The exposition opens with the creations of icon painters of the 16th-17th centuries and full of original spirit with early secular portraits.

The Museum also stores full collection of works by artists of a democratic direction in the art of Russia in the second half of the XIX century, such as A. Savrasov, I. Levitan, I. Shishkin, A. Kuindzhi, I. Repin, V. Surikov. Also you can see paintings of the talented seascapist I.K. Aivazovsky.

The exposition presents works of the XIX and XX centuries. In this section you will find paintings of such famous artists as V. Serov, M. Vrubel, N. Roerich, B. Kustodiev, A. Benois, K. Somov, V. Kandinsky. Here is exhibiting a unique collection of paintings by artists of the Association of South Russian Artists (TYURH), which was founded in Odessa in 1890. These are the works of K. Kostandi, G. Ladyzhensky, G. Golovkov, P. Nilus, N. Kuznetsov, T. Dvornikov.

In the department of contemporary art you can see works of artists written since the 20-ies of the XX century.

In the hall of arts and crafts stores more than two hundred exhibits reflect Ukrainian folk art. This is ceramics and glass, embroidery and weaving, woodcarving, metal and leather products, pysanki.

Under the palace of the Naryshkins is a several empty cellars and galleries. In one of these galleries, under the central part of the palace is an underground grotto, the only one of its kind accessible for visiting in Odessa.  In other cellars is a hall of Ukrainian decorative and applied art and the gallery "Yellow Giants".  During the tour you can learn about the history of the palace and its owners.

This excursion will be interesting for everyone who interested in art and want to get acquainted with Ukrainian and Russian culture. During the excursion of this museum tourists will be able to see a unique collection of works by famous Russian, Ukrainian and European artists.