Outstanding architectural monument of Kievan Rus
St. Sophia’s Cathedral
Outstanding architectural monument of Kievan Rus
St. Sophia’s Cathedral
Volodymyrska street, 24
1037 year
10:00-17:30, Thu: closed
Entrance fee:
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1.5 - 2 hours
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Kiev UNESCO heritage sight. One of the most wonderful and famous places you can see while travelling to Ukraine seeing churches, monasteries and cathedrals.

St. Sophia’s Cathedral is one of the most majestic churches you will find with Kiev guide. Kiev Sophia’s Cathedral is a masterpiece of architecture and monumental art of Kievan Rus. It is often called Cathedrals of St. Sophia or Holy Sophia Kievian.

How to get there:

St Sophia Cathedral is located in the heart of Kiev city center.

  1. From Independence square (ukr: Majdan) go up the hill by one of any streets going up from Mc.Donalds. And you will find yourself on the square between two cathedrals: St Michael and St Sophia.
  2. From Golden Gate walk 5 minutes by foot towards the river, Ministery of Foreign affairs and Funiculaur. Ask at least about one of this reference points and people will point the right direction.

Opening hours: the cathedral is open untill 6:30 pm, but pay attention to the entering hours: you may enter the Sophia cathedral only untill 5 PM.

Founder and history

Kyiv guide will tell you about the founder of the cathedral – the Great Kiev Prince Yaroslav the Wise, who has erected the temple in 1036. According to the legend, which you will hear from Kyiv guide St.Sophia cathedral was built at the temple on the spot where Prince Yaroslav gained a victory over the Pechenegs.

During the visit to Kyiv you should also pay attention to the construction itself, which is made in Byzantine style, has a pyramidal structure, and 13 domes. The main dome symbolizes Jesus, and 12 smaller domes, symbolizing the 12 apostles.

On your travel to Ukraine and during visit to Kyiv you will see how the architectural forms seamlessly combine with unique mosaics and frescoes. Kyiv guide will show you more than 260 m² of mosaics and around 3 thousand m² of frescoes.

They have survived and preserved to our times. Kiev guide will show great beauty paintings on the walls and crowns of the cathedral, with scenes from the Gospels and the images of the Saints. 

In the 12th -13th  centuries Kievian Rus was involved in civil wars, and then  invaded by the Mongol hordes. Kyiv guide will tell how many times the temple was attacked and plundered, but has never been destroyed. In 1630, the Metropolitan of Kyiv Petro Mohyla, began restoration of the temple and monastery founded by him. Restoration ended only in 1740, and since then the monastery acquired its present form, which you can see during your visit to Kyiv.

The modern church is now known as a national museum and is included in the UNESCO haritage list, the Kyiv guide will make a tour for you to St. Sophia’s as it is very popular among tourists who travel to Ukraine and visit Kyiv. Many have tried to advocate St. Sophia's Cathedral to be serving as a church, but because of differences in Ukrainian denominations, it remained as a national museum by nowadays.

During visit to Kyiv and visiting St. Sophia’s cathedral everyone can give a touch to the history and feel majestic spirit of the capital  of Ukraine.