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St.Michael's Cathedral
Triohsvyatitelska Street, 8, Kyiv, 01601
1108 year, restored in 1999
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When you travel to Ukraine make a notice to one of the greatest cathedrals you should see with Kyiv guide: St. Michael’s cathedral. It is made in the Ukrainian Baroque style and is one of the oldest in Ukraine.

Kiev guide will tell you that the first mentioning of St. Michael's cathedral was found in the annals of time by  Svyatopolk Izyaslavich, the grandson of the great Kievian Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

Back in 1108 Prince Svyatopolk built a stone church, dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, which later on was cold after him as St. Michael's Golden-domed Monastery, Kyiv guide will tell you more interesting facts and stories related to the cathedral at that period.

While planning your travel to Ukraine and visit to Kyiv pay attention to the golden domes, Kiev guide will tell you why St. Michael's Cathedral was named  Golden Domed, and in those days it actually was the only church in Kiev with golden domes. When Prince Svyatopolk died in 1114, they buried him in the cathedral built by them.

St. Michael's Monastery was often plundered and destroyed by the Polish and the Tatar-Mongol invaders. However, the cathedral was many times restored and even expanded. Kiev guides will tell stories about the Great Hetmen of Ukraine: Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Ivan Mazepa,Hetman Skoropadsky, who made the biggest contribution to the development of the monastery.

In 1930 the monastery was destroyed again - by the Communists this time.  After Ukraine gained its independence in the mid-1990s, the St. Michael's Golden-domed Monastery was fully restored. Nowadays this is the main church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate.

During your visit to Kyiv, Kiev guide will show you the monuments of the Apostle Andrew, Princess Olga, Cyril and Methodius, located near the building of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine at Sophia’s Square. This area connects too cathedrals: St. Michael Cathedral and St. Sophia Cathedral. If you are planning to travel to Ukraine we would advice this square as a highly recommended place to visit and see.