World War 2 Museum in Kiev
War Museum
War Museum WW2
War Museum
War Museum
World War II Museum Kiev
Lavrska street, 24, Kyiv, 01015
from 9 AM to 6 PM
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First exhibition on history of warfare against the Nazi invaders was opened in 1946. After a while it was closed and the collection of archival materials was placed in storage.


Only in 1974 there was established the State Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, and the event coincided with the celebration of the thirty-year anniversary of the liberation of Ukraine.

Construction and architectural works were continued and their intensification has led to the reopening of the War museum complex on 9 May 1981. It is worth to mention that one of the main initiators of the final shape of the museum was the famous sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich, known for such a monumental works as "Mother Motherland Calls" (Родина мать зовет) in Volgograd.

Monument of the Motherland Statue

1981's USSR monument.

The monument called Motherland statue was placed on a giant pedestal opening related to the victory day, which is now also the main building of the museum. Sculpture of a woman holding the shield and the sword is made of stainless steel.

The 500-ton weight colossus has a height of 102 meters from the pedestal to the tip of the sword, which was reduced by 3 meters due to the "competitive" height of the main Kiev Pechersk Lavra church. Inside there are two lifts which allow you to look at the area from the eyes of the statue and from its shoulders. Originally, it was planned to replace the military attributes by the cup of eternal burning fire, and the monument was to be entirely covered with gold paint. During the construction this idea was abandoned on request of the author of the project Vasyl Borodai. The monument is constantly monitored and checked. Experts calculate its “vitality” for a period of 150 years.

The indoor part of World War 2 museum

The inside part of the Second World War museum is based under the hill with the Motherland monument.

Modern exhibition was set up in October 1994 - May 1995, in a priority to reveal Ukrainian theme, Ukraine's contribution to the victory over Nazism. Considerable attention is paid to the other parts of the Soviet-German front, large-scale battles of the Great Patriotic War, the establishment and operation of the anti-Hitler coalition, the heroism and sacrifice of the soldiers and commanders.

The main exhibition: is deployed in 16 exhibition-halls covering an area of 5000 square meters, it has more than 15,000 exhibits. Feature of the exhibition is a display of historical materials and devices through the creation of easily understood symbols and images.

The exhibition halls are thematically and chronologically combined by accentual rod "Roads of War". Representing relic of materials created by art-historical image of each topic or battle which is being revealed to be specified and complemented in the appropriate room and shop windows.

Outdoor complex of the World War II museum

It should be added that the ww2 museum complex covers area of almost 10 acres, and consists of about 300 000 exhibits, as well as other unique sculptures.

The biggest impression to the visitors makes compositions "Forcing the Dnieper" and "Transfer of arms", as well as huge bowl called "Fire of Fame". In a separate noteworthy exhibition visitors can admire military equipment and weapons with wonderfully restored vehicles with unique historical value. On the other hand, in a completely separate building, the exhibition presents contemporary presentations: "The tragedy and heroism in Afghanistan," and "On the strangers wars". It is definitely worth to visit it.