Since the ancient times Crimea was luring conquerors, explorers and traders, and everyone finds something special and attractive during Crimea tours for themselves. Certainly, the fate of the peninsula was affected by its advantageous geographical location - it is located at the intersection of trade routes between Europe and Asia.

Boundless heath, deep forests, mysterious gorges, rugged mountains and spectacular sea views - performing Crimea tour you can see all this beauty. Gardens, orchards and vineyards, exotic dishes and flavor of the Crimean wines - have brought glory to the Crimean coast in the whole world. 

The climate is temperate in the Crimea: mild in the heath parts and more humid closer to the mountain forests. South Coast is characterized by a sub Mediterranean climate.   

Go2UA private guides organise 1-day or 3-5 hours tour to the popular attractions and famous places of Crimea:

Airport transfers:


 35$ Simferopol - Downtown

 95$ Simferopol - Yalta


Simferopol-CrimeaThe journey across the Crimea and most of Crimea tours start in Simferopol - the capital of autonomy republic.

There is a railway station in Simferopol, bus station and two airports – international airport and one for the local flights. Thus it is more convenient to start a Crimea tours from Simferopol, its transport routes diverge into all directions.


Sevastopol-crimea-toursThe second important city in Crimea is Sevastopol – the main sea cost city and the harbor of Crimea. From Sevastopol harbor hundreds of ships, yachts and boats are out to the sea. Sea tours and Crimea tours along the southern coast are very popular for tourists and Crimea visitors.

The history of Sevastopol dates back to ancient times. It was founded by the ancient Greeks, and called Chersonesus, and has served as a commercial, trade and cultural center of the peninsula for a long time. In the middle of the fifteenth century, Chersonese could not resist the barbarian pillaging and was abandoned by its residents. Later on the modern city of Sevastopol was formed around there, which age is a little older than 200 years. Now, the ancient town area is an archaeological Museum - a monument of world importance and one of the main attractions often visited in the Crimea. That’s why Sevastopol is very popular among tourists from all over the world.


Yalta-Black-Sea-CrimeaYalta, or as it is often called the Pearl of the Crimea – is the most famous tourist Crimea resort. The separate tour must be devoted to this beautiful town of Yalta to have time to explore the beauty of all its sites. The unique climate and landscape of extraordinary beauty, reserved seats and old parks, museums and monuments – it all simply beckons travelers. You will find a lot of attractions in Yalta and its surroundings called “the Big Yalta”

swallow-nestOne more wonderwork you may see in Yalta is Swallow's Nest (Bird's-nest). An amazing castle which was built in 1912 by Russian architect on the top of high cliff between Gaspra and Yalta (about 7 kilometer away). The building resembles a medieval knight's castle. It became a kind of symbol of Crimea and you will find it on thousands of postcards, pictures and souvenirs from Crimea.

While traveling to the Crimea make sure to visit the national heritage of Ukraine:

Nikitinskiy Botanical Garden
Vorontsov Palace and Massandra,
a waterfall the Wuchang-Su
Ai-Petri: the highest mountain in Crimea

It’s very interesting to see all the sights of the Big Yalta if you decide to take cruise on a boat or ferry.


Crimea tour can start at the South of the peninsula, with its main city – Cerch (Kerch) which is considered to be one of the most ancient cities of the world. Even nowadays there are many remained attractions in Kerch – historical and architectural monuments which belong to different centuries and cultures.

The ancient cities Panticapaeum and Mirmeky must be noticed among the sights, which were founded by the Ionian Greeks, also King's mound and fortress of Yeni-Kale are famous attractions.


feodosia-crimeaFeodosia – is one of the ancient cities of Crimea as well, founded by creeks in VI c. b.c., and the city has preserved many monuments. During your travel to Crimea, on Crimea tours, in Feodosia and other cities you should definitely see many sites reflecting the history of Crimea. Crimea tours it’s a great possibility to see an ancient cities and feel what was attracting people to Crimea for centuries.

Crimea is rich with architectural monuments, nature and other sights and as soon as you’ve visited it once, you will always want to come back again.


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