Discounts and Special offers

Best proposal (valid in Kiev only):

* 1 quota per day,
* for 1 interpreter and!
* 99$ per day (8 hours) guided tour by car or interpreting service.

  • Local Sim-card for 1 dollar
  • Free gift CD

*professional photographs of main attractions, Kiev, Odessa, Lviv
*Russian, Ukrainian music
*USSR pop and post II World War Soviet tracks

  • 3 Full Days and more - 10% discounted price for interpreter or personal guide*

  • 15$ per hour personal tours - Isn't it cheaper and better than group tour per person?**


Go2UA values customer loyalty a lot. We care about your opinion and appriciate your commitment to our company. That's why we offer to our clients Fixed rates but also: Discounts, Special Offers and Bonuses.

* Discount is given from the standard fee of the chosen interpreter/guide.

** 15$ fee is available fot those interpreters and guides, who have this rate in their profiles.



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