Dnipro Interpreter and translator services

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ID E027





Interpreter in Dnepr/Dnipro

ID D004



Dnepr/Dnipro Ukraine


Dnepr/Dnipro Ukraine

Basic rate:

15$ per hour for translation and interpreting service in Dnepr.

Transporation service in Dnepr

In addition to translating and / or guiding service we provide transportation service in Dnepropetrovsk either with private driver or interpreter with own car.

Rates for the translating service including transportation are:
only 5$ more expencive than translator service itself, without the car.

Dnepr/Dnipropetrovsk airport transfer

Airport transfer from Dnipro airport to the hotel in the downtown - another service we offer from our .
Interpreter will be waiting for you at the arrival hall with your name-plate and drive you to the hotel, help with currency exchange and check in.
Price: 35$

Go2UA Russian interpreters and Ukrainian interpreters translation agency in Dnepr are experienced and intelligent professional translators. Professionalism of our Dnepr interpreters and guides is the must and you will feel easy and comfortable working with our Russian interpreters in  Dnipro for your business or personal purpose.

Dnipro is a unick place. It combines busy industrial and business life with a great entertaining and cultural living. Your personal interpreter can be your guide or suggest leasure ideas after business meeting. Ukrainian interpreter/guide is easy option for holidays and business in Ukraine and especially in Dnepropetrovsk.

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Other services from Go2UA russian translation agency in Ukraine taxi, guides and city tours. 


We help to arrange your holidays and business trips
in Dnepr/Dnipro Ukraine
Russian translators 

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