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Unick Kiev city tours with private guides are available 7 days a week in Kiev, with options on your choice:

  •  walking tours in Kiev with a tour guide

  •  tours by car with a private guide in Kiev and region  

  •  languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German, French

What makes Kiev sightseeing tours different from the other tours and guides?

  1. 24 hours support by email, phone, WhatsApp, Viber and any other connection you prefer regarding Kiev information

  2. Our prices are fixed per tour, not per person!

  3. Our Kiev private guide will pick you up from the hotel or the airport so you have the most relaxing and joyful sightseeing mood and day in Kiev.


3 hours - 50$  (for group up to 3 people)  
Must see
Kiev attractions. Travel to Ukraine and see how Ukrainian capital  Kiev looks like:



3.5 hours - 60$ (for group up to 3 people)
Great possibility to see main attractions of the city if you visit Kiev first time:

  Kiev city tours in english 7 days a week. Urgent order St_Sophia's_Cathedral_Kiev    Kiev_lavra_cave_monastery Mariinskiy_park_kiev ar_of_friendship
  • Kreschatik street (the central boulevard of the capital city, called Ukrainian Champs Elysee)

  • Independence Square (Majdan), Downtown hiden streets

  • President administration building

  • "House with Khimeras", built 100 years ago with few legends around it

  • St.Michael's Cathedral and:

  • St. Sophia's Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Kiev guide will give you an idea of the city and show popular places to visit in Kiev.

  • Kievo-Pechersk Lavra Cave Monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

  • Motherland Statue

  • War museum

  • We walk down the streets through:

  • Mariinskij park, Parliment building, famous Bridge of lovers, and end up at:

  • Arc of the Friendship of Nations (built at soviet union times to symbolize the unity of the peoples). 

At the end of the Kiev tour to Lavra you are 5 steps away from Kreschatik  and will easily find your hotel or where to go out.

Kiev city tours     Kiev sightseeing tours


2 hours - 34$  (for group up to 3 people)  

walking tour with a private guide

After you walk up across the street 5 minutes away from Independence square you will find a square with first beautifull cathedrals and monuments. Our tour for 2 hours Sightseeing in Kiev includes:


ALL IN ONE Unick Kiev Tour

6 hours - 125$  (for group up to 3 people)  

by CAR with a private guide

This tour takes around 6 hours and a lot of walking up and down the hills (or you can choose a guide with car). But if you feel like seeing all the best attractions in one go, take your most comfortable shoes, choose the guide and go!   

 St. Sophia Tour with private guide in Kiev  St-sophia-cathedral-kiev Kiev Golden Gate | Great GateKiev-opera-house part of the downtown tour


private tours in English language with Kiev travel guide Walking tour Kiev with travel guide Great Gate of Kiev. Private tour by car with a guide Kiev Motherland statue tour

  • St.Michael's Cathedral

  • St. Sophia's Cathedral.

Passing streets covered with one of Kievian prides - Chestnuts trees, Kiev guide will show you:

  • Golden Gate (the antient entrance to the city).

  • Opera house - just around the corner.

May be you would like to visit the theater, not only take a photographs?

Our guides can help you to book tickets in advance and make your holidays in Ukraine interesting and  saturated.

  • Independence Square,

  • St.Michael's Cathedral,

  • St. Sophia's Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Downtown hiden streets,

  • Golden Gate (the antient entrance to the city),

  • Opera building,

  • Kievo-Pecherska Lavra Monastery,

  • War museum,

  • Mariinskij Park,

  • Bridge of Lovers,

  • Arc of the Friendship of Nations,

  • Kreschatik central street.

BOAT TRIP on Dnipro River NEW!

2 hours  with a private guide
36$ private tour

Perfect choice in summer


MEZHIGIRJA PALACE. Ex-President Yanukovich Villa Tour

3.5 hours by CAR with a private guide

65 $ private tour (1-2 persons)
105 $ Price for a group of 3-4 people

You will experience the most of Kiev beauty views to the hills and Cathedrals golden doams, history about ancient cultural and trade center of the capital of Ukraine.

Being accopmanied by obe of our private guides during all trip you will find out many informative interesting stories about old times and current Kiev.

Fresh breeze is a great bonus to this tour!

Price for the individual tour with private tour guide Sightseeing in Kiev by boat.


Mezhigorije house ukraine president. Corruption Residence Mezhigirria Kiev tour guide

Make a trip 20 kilometer away from Kiev city with a private tour guide and get impressed by a 150 hectars yard and 4-floors Palace, a house of the ex-president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich, who escapted after the revolution in 2013 and never was found.

It's National museum today! Personally designed park, used to be a natinal reserv of the country and later assigned by Mr. President.

Perfectly maintained by a voluntiers group, this huge monument of wealth demonstrates us where the budget money went out of the budget and how the big gap between rich and poor was being created.

Kiev city tours     Kiev sightseeing tours


2 hours Walking tour in Kiev

36$ Price for a tour




3 hours  - NEW! by CAR with Kiev private guide

65 $  Individual tour or a Group up to 3 people
105 $ Price for a group 4-7 people

Pervak Kiev Ukrainian restaurant Kureni restaurant Gastro tour

Try Ukrainian traditional cousin, costumes, music, and unick drinking traditions.

We show and make you taste typical Ukrainian dishes as a homemade sausages Kovbasa, potato pancakes, 100 types of dumplings ,such as potato, cottage cheese, cabage, and even sweet ones with cherries, strawberry, canned milk.

Borsch - of course! That's the most most Ukrainian ever dish. Red soup with lots of meat and vegetables. Absolutely delecious. And by the way every family in Ukraine has it's own recepie of Borsch!

Nalivka, Vodka, Samohon - Ukrainian alchohols. You should see and degustate as we have various types of drinks homemade for a strong man or mild cordials flavoured ones.

Order a Dinner and eat at the best Ukrainian restaurant with a private guide and entertainment program.


pirohovo-ukrainian-museum Pirohovo-inside-ukrainian-house 

The biggets open air museum in Ukraine! Best rural tour in Kiev.

Almost 200 hecars of Ukrainian typical houses, 300 y.o. from all the regions of the country. As Ukraine is geographically huge you will see the impressive difference in life style of local people.

We'll pass through the old windmills, school, churches buildings from 19-s century, will enter inside some of them and touch the history.

Ukrainian tableware, furniture, interior, national outfit, food and drinks - everything collected and represented in one place!

Open Ukraine and order this fascinating tour with your private guide.

Exclusive Sightseeing Kiev   Exclusive Sightseeing Kiev


3 hours  - NEW!



2 hours  - NEW!

Private guides for families in Kiev are also available.

Make kids happy with the most exciting activities and Kiev information for children:

Toys theater - wonderland house with a famous cartoons heros

Water museum - great scientific tour for children and even for adults!

*As an extension we offer a Kiev city beach club with the biggest playgrounds for children in Kiev! Ask our manager for more information!


babij-yar kiev-tour-jewish-babij-yar

Individual tour with personal guide: including Babij Yar and history of Jewish community in Kiev

Local Sinagogue, popular district where al Jewish people used and loved to live.

Our private guides will show you Kiev from the side that was never disclosed.

** Entrance fees to the museums are not included in Kiev sightseeing tours and to be paid additionally

Go2UA Personal tour guides Kiev  Unick Kiev sightseeing tours:

Private guide. Young girl guide in Kiev  Private guides in Kiev 7 days a week urgent orders Travel guide kiev. Tours in English German Russian. 005 Marina  Professional translator for English in Kiev Ukraine E003 Personal guide. Kiev tour guide girl

Full List of Kiev attractions / Kiev information and tour guide Kiev choice, what else to discover and places to see in Kiev.

What's special about Private Kiev Tour English and Excursion with individual travel guides / Kiev guides?

Among the travel agencies in Kiev Go2UA stands as one of the oldest and most individually focused on personal approach. First of all you are the only one or few of your friends who will be cared of by Kiev private guide. Planing your Ukraine travel you may create your own route and see only attractions you want to. Kiev travel and sightseeing becomes easy and enjoyable as all questions "how to find Kiev informatioin?" and "what is this attraction about?" now are held by Kiev Guide. And your business is to make shoots with your camera and enjoy your day and the capital of Ukraine. We always have available tour guide for you:

Kiev guides. Walking tours by car. Travel sightseeing agency

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, faces a real travel boom nowadays. Kiev travel programs attract tourists from across the world. Its city tours and  Kiev itself are rich with historic places, original architecture, sunny weather, beautiful nature, rich metropolitan night life, and welcoming people. Over and above if you visit Kiev you will agree that it is one of the safest destination to travel.

Go2UA Kiev travel anegcy offers variety of Sightseeing tours Kiev and Excursions with private guide Kiev including walking tours, Kiev excursion by car or minivan on private Kiev tours. Our priority is to make all the tourists who travel to Ukraine and visit Kiev - travel unique. Our uniqueness is in offering individual tour Kiev program with personal guide for the standard price (15$ per hour or 25$ p/h, depending on a car or walking tour applied). If you are planning to visit Kiev, find few excurions examples below, but most likely we will make individual tour specially for you. 

You make a wish and Kiev guides make it come true!

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