LVIV SIGHTSEEING TOURS: historical, relax, active

During the Lviv tour you explore the historic center of the fantastically eclectic city, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will stroll down Lviv’s main sights, avenues, squares, narrow cobbled streets.

Making your own tour is easy:
1) Point your preferable priorities of Lviv attractions to see.
2) For 15$ per hour
you get personal guide and excursion for any duration you wish. The price is for a group (not per person!), you may be alone or with 2-3 friends.
3) Tour by car also possible!

Choose variety of options how to spend your day or weekend in Lviv:

1. Lviv  sightseeing tour: historical part.

2. Lviv tour: welcoming and active.

3. Lviv relax: sightseeing and relax.

4. Lviv: trips out of the city: castles.

5. The Carpathian mountains.

LVIV SIGHTSEEING TOUR. With English speaking guide


Market square (Rynok Square) has the main historical sites of the Old Town. Each building of Lviv attractions here is historically unique and architectural décor.

The City hall with the Clock tower and trumpet players in the middle of the square.

Four fountains with statues of Greek gods at four corners of the city hall. Unlike many other cities in Ukraine, Lviv was lucky enough to escape the terrible destruction in World War Two, and its absolutely fascinating streets and numerous museums make it one of the most exciting places in Ukraine to explore.

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (Mazohism founder) place of birth, monument and Masoch Café.

Gas lamp invention "museum". With Lviv tour guide you will get to know more about the gas lamp invention and see the statues of the lamp invention as the first gas lamp in the world was invented in Lviv.

Dzyga Gallery, which is said to be an ART-terra of contemporary art for artists.

Opera House: the first building in Europe built on a solid concrete base for the first time, then you will walk down Svoboda Avenue, which is laid out above the enclosed underground Poltva River.

The medieval atmosphere of Lviv will hark you back to days when Lviv was at the forefront of regional events, and it was once a wealthy trading center. You will see the oldest Lviv tourist attractions and the most gorgeous churches and cathedrals in the Old Town including Baroque style Jesuit Cahedral, the Virgin Mary’s Assumption church, the Armenian Cathedral with 16-17th century tombstones, Church of the Blessed Eucharist (former Dominican Church), the Latin Cathedral and the Transfiguration Church. The Lviv sightseeing tour will make your start of the holiday in Ukraine unforgettable.

LVIV WELCOMING AND ACTIVE. Tours with private guide


For those of you, interested in defense it's a chance to learn about Medieval defensive system of the city, peep into the Gunpowder Tower and Arsenal buildings. Now former arsenal hosts the only museum of weapons in Ukraine with of the biggest collections of cold weapons in the county.

Also there is a possibility of visiting the High Castle with Lviv tour guide to see a perfect view not only of the city but of its suburbs as well.

LVIV RELAX AND SIGHTSEEING. Personal guided tour




Each city has its own spirit and soul. There are no doubts that Lviv affects tourists with an unforgettable influence.

There are places on the map of the world where the present times are easily and naturally combined with the past – this is what Lviv and region seems to be...

Uniqueness and originality of Lviv have created an ideal image of the city – museum where the majority of cultural monuments of Ukraine are located. You will definately experience this atmosphere during your private Lviv tour. However, it is not the number of monuments per one square centimeter of the city area that constitutes a crucial factor. Diversity of ethnic, national and religious communities which is not to be found in any other European city, has always been the wealth of Lviv.



In the course of many centuries it was densely populated with Ukrainian, Poles, Germans, Jews, Armenians, Scots, Wallaches, Hungarians, Czeches, and Greeks. Understandably, such co-existence could not have been idyllic one, however mutual influence of cultures, believes, views is doubtless. Due to development of trade the city was getting richer and richer.

In a tour in Lviv you'll see how it assimilated with each other heirs of Italian, Swiss and German architects who came there in search of earning a living and created unique architectural ensembles, temples, residential buildings. There settled Armenian and Wallach merchants, German and Greek craftsmen, clerks, and teachers.

Our Lviv guides will show you the downtown of Lviv with its clear divisions into national areas turned out to be a heart in which a unique multicultural milieu was formed. It is by no accident that both in Ukraine and Poland Lviv enjoys the title of Piedmont – a disobedient, freedom – loving city. In the mid- XIX th century Lviv became the center of Haskala – Jewish Enlightenment, for Poles it was an important administrative, scholarly and trade center, in the XX- th century it became a Ukrainian cultural and intellectual center. As it is known the most interesting phenomena always arise at the crossing of cultures and Lviv could never complain of shortage of outstanding people who created famous works of art, technology, set up cultural, economic, business, sports companies and societies.

Welcome to our treasure city Lviv and you will experience the path Lviv City Tour through Lviv’s history up to nowadays.


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