Odessa Ukraine travel: Tours and Sightseeing with private guides

Odessa city tours in the city is called the Pearl of the Black Sea and sightseeing is exciting here with our experienced private tour guides! Especially in summer time, you will find Odessa very alive, modern, crowd with tourists from absolutely different destinations. It's busy 24 hours a day, in summer all the tourists are around Black Sea beaches while in the evenings it's a great time to go for sightseeing and going out accompanied by local Odessa tour guides. 


Old town walking tour: Old Odessa Ukraine

2 hours - 30$ (for up to 4 people)

with a private guide in Odessa

During the tour you will experience the most special atmosphere of Odessa old town.

You will pass through the famous historical places and beautiful architectural monuments of the city.


Odessa-mama tour

4 hours - 60$ (for up to 4 people)

with a private guide in Odessa

Explore the most beautiful places and sights of this special southern city of Ukraine during our Odessa sightseeing program.The rout starts from the main pedestrian street named Deribasovskaya and goes to the famous Opera House and Laookon monument. We pass through:

Potemin-stairs Primorskiy-bulevard-Odessa Odessa-one-wall-house    Opera-house-Odessa Monument_Odessa Atlants_Odessa

The walking tour starts from the main pedestrian street:

Deribasovskaya str. and follows to the:
Mother-in-law bridge through typical historical streets Gavannaya and Gogolya.

Further away we will come to:

Vorontzov Palace with its Colonnade and surprise ourselves with a One-wall house.

Next attraction is Primorskiy Boulevard with its sights like:

Potemkin Stairs 
Duke de Richelieu

and  some amazing viewpoints toward the:

Odessa Sea port to take pictures from.
We will see the City Hall and come up to the famous Opera House.

Further the our city tour goes to Deribasovskaya street and brings you right back to the heart of Odessa - nice and vibrant City Garden, located on the Deribasovskaya - central street of Odessa.


Primorskiy Boulevard with its sights like:

City Hall residence
Potemkin Stairs
Monument of Duke de Richelieu and some amazing viewpoints toward the Odessa Sea port

You will see the One-wall house and the architectural ensemble of:

Vorontzov Palace and Colonnad
Mother-in-law Bridge
Shah Palace and enjoy a pleasant walk through typical historical streets Gogolya and Gavannaya up to the City Garden.

Further we will take a short drive around the city with several stops:

Five-domed Uspensky Cathedral
Odessa Philharmonic Hall
Park Shevchenko
Ancient fortification and the Alley of Glory with a 21-meters high Monument to the Unknown Sailor in the park.

Our tour brings you back into Odessa Downtown and ends with a visit to the rebuilt Spaso-Preobrazenskiy Cathedral on Sobornaya square.

1 DAY tour Go2UA

Adventures of Odessa

8 hours by a comfortable car - 160$ (for up to 3 people)

Odessa tours with a private tour guide


Shabo Wine and Culture Center

+ Fortress

8 hours by a comfortable car - 160$ (for up to 3 people)

Odessa tours with a private tour guide

The dark past of Odessa: you will hear thrilling stories about Mishka Japonese, Son’ka the Golden Hand and others. You will uncover the secret pages of the Odessa criminal past: the period of porto franko, the golden age of the city and others. You will visit places, where famous Odessa gangsters lived and made deals.

We offer on your choice few museum for Odessa sightseeing tour:

The Archaeological Museum. It was founded in 1825. The museums has a great collection of more than 160 000 exhibits. They are archeological finds from the northern Black Sea region, the collection of Ancient Egyptian sarcophagi, Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman exposition. The museum is also famous for its collection of coins and medals. The entrance is 50 hrn/person

Odessa Art Museum. It was founded in 1899, it occupies the Potocki Palace, itself a monument of early 19th century architecture. The museum now houses more than 100 thousand exhibits, including paintings by some of the best-known European artists of late 19th and early 20th century. Under the Palace there is an underground grotto, it’s unique and available to visit. During the tour you can learn about the history of the palace and its owners. The entrance is 70 hrn/person. The entrance to the underground grotto is 70 hrn/person.

Odessa Ukraine Museum of Western and Eastern Art. The museum is housed in a palace that was constructed between 1856 and 1858 by the architect L.Otton. It has an interesting lobby with a "swing" grand staircase, which unique design was carved from Carrara marble.

The museum has a large collection, but not all of which is on display, including works by Caravaggio, Rubens, Frans Hals, and others.The entrance is 25 hrn/person for one exhibition.


Fortress in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi. It is a historical town and tour in Odessa region, which was initially based on the remains of the very ancient Greek town Tyras by the Black Sea coast. It has been there by the 4rth century. But very frequent attacks by invaders destroyed all the policy. According to historians later Bilhorod was a part of Kievan Rus’, Then it was invaded by the Kingdom of Hungary, it was also a part of Genoese, of Golden Horde and others. Its name was changed for more than 10 times. Now the city is popular by its fortress - famous architectural historical monument from 13-14 centuries.

Shabo Winemaking. We will go to the wine tour to visit Shabo Center of Wine and Culture , which is located in a resort area in the Odessa Region, one of oldest regions in Europe where winemaking traditions were dated as far back as the ancient times.

Shabo Wine Culture Center is the only tourist complex in Ukraine located right on the premises of an active winemaking enterprise – combining state-of-the art, high-tech production process with unique historical and cultural landmarks. You will see noble beverages, visiting Shabo’s marvelous 200-year-old Royal cellars, underground wine storage, and other facilities, which will help you to receive a unique opportunity to learn about the history of winemaking.

Tours start at: 10:00 AM, 13:00 PM, 16:00 PM

1.Standard tour

-without tasting, duration: 1.5 hours

-with tasting, duration: 2.5 hours, tasting carte: 8 Shabo beverages

3. VIP tour

-without tasting, duration: 2,5 hours

-with tasting, duration: 3 hours, tasting carte: 8 premium-class Shabo beverages

1 DAY tour Go2UA


Odessa sightseeing with a private guide


Jewish Odessa

Walking city tour

Odessa sightseeing with a private guide

During ancient city tourin Odessa

You will find out the history and legends about Odessa. We will show you Philharmonic theater, Deribasovskaya street - the main street of the city.


We will go to the catacombs – the longest labyrinth in the world. Their territory is more than 2500 km. It’s more than destination to Saint-Petersburg. Only one small portion of them is open to the public, it’s the “Museum of Partisans Glory” in Nerubayskoe village.

During the Second World War, these underground labyrinths hid partisans. We will see their kitchen, bathroom, headquarter and other staff. Also catacombs were the last chance for smugglers, adventures and revolutionaries and it’s very important part of our history. The entrance is 40 hrn.


Jewish tour is an important part of history of Odessa.

In 19th century 3rd part of our citizens were jews.

We will visit:

majestic New Synagogue,

high grey gothic Synagogue of Brodsky, where the composers Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov came to catch inspiration.

You will visit Odessa Ukraine sightseeing attractions which have its particular meaning for Jewish history and famous places of Jewish poets and writers who enriched cultural life of Odessa.


See the photographs of famous attractions in Odessa Ukraine which we collected here in our gallery. Click the photo and press right/left button: