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Visa to Ukraine: list of countries "visa-free" entry to Ukraine.
Requirements for applying the visa to Ukraine... 

Entrance to the Ukraine is carried out in accordance with the “visa-” and “visa-free” regime.
A visa for entering Ukraine is to be applied for in a diplomatic mission in your country.
Citizens of a country which has entered into an agreement with Ukraine on visa-free regime can visit Ukraine without a visa for a period of not longer than 90 days.


Time, Money, Weather

Ukraine's time zone: UTC +2 

Daylight saving time occurs on the last Sunday of March and backwards on the last Sunday of October.

Ukraine's time zone with daylight saving time: UTC +3 

National currency of Ukraine - Hryvnia (UAH)
National Bank of the hryvnia to the major foreign currencies during 2011-2012 was stable (at 8 hryvna per 1 dollar value).

The climate in Ukraine is temperate continental with strongly pronounced seasonality. The climate on Crimean cost is subtropical.

The average winter temperature is «-7 ° C» - «-9 ° C» in the center of Ukraine, «+2 ° C» - «+4 ° C» in the Crimea.
The average summer temperature in Ukraine is "+23 ° C» to «+25 ° C».



 Good afternoon

 Dobryj denj



 Yes / No

 Da / Niet ...

... more most used russian phrases




For your comfort while planning and traveling across Ukrainian cities, use the maps. We’ve prepared maps of major cities in Ukraine, Kiev subway and major attractions of Kiev.

Kiev city tourist map, Kiev subway / Kiev underground map, Lviv map... 


Information about Ukraine

The most useful information you might need as a tourists in Ukraine: a list of the main attractions, cultural and entertainment events, clubs / restaurants / bars, choice of hotels, transport and restaurants in major cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Donetsk, Kharkov, Lviv, Simferopol... 

Local info about Ukraine, Slavic and Ukrainian mentality, culture, habbits, cousine... 

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