Favorite places in Donetsk

donetsk-high-way-for-euro-2012Having passed on a route which residents of Donetsk call "golden" the tourists at least 10 times will hear: «There is no such a place anywhere in Ukraine (Europe, world)». And in many cases this statement is correct. The most important and the most interesting sights are located in the center of Donetsk and to see them all, it is not necessary for you to travel by car, it is better to walk on foot. How much time it will take you to have such an excursion – depends on you. "The nodding acquaintance" variant will occupy 4-5 hours while the attentive survey with visits of museums and parks will occupy minimum a day.

Donetsk-Donbass-arenaWe would recommend to begin your survey of Donetsk from "Donbas-arena". It is one of the favorite places in Donetsk. Even if you aren't interested in football or EURO-2012 at all and have no desire to get into “the bowl” it is worth your attention. The stadium impresses with scales, greatness and some extraterrestrial forms. One of its nicknames known among the people is «UFO". 


ball-fontain-donetckIf you come directly to the central entrance of the stadium and stay on its southern side, you will see a huge Ball-fountain. The 28-ton ball turns under the pressure of two streams of water and is controlled by special computer program. The diameter of the ball is 2,7 m. By the way, it is the biggest rotating granite sphere on the world, and sooner or later it will be brought into the Guinness Book of Records. The most peasant thing is that anyone can take part in sphere rotation- pushing it has already become a tradition among the tourists. Well, this Ball-fountain was put in front of "Donbas-arena» only one year ago but one more highlight of the stadium has appeared here more recently. Museum of fan-club "Miner" (“Shakhtar” in Ukrainian) is the second object on your way which makes the stadium complex unique. It is the biggest sports museum in the CIS.

On the area of almost 400 sq. m you can see not only stands with rarities but also different kinds of modern multimedia stuff, for example, a virtual football-play and a smoky screen. You feel as though you are standing in some museum of far future.

donetsk-ballAnd after the farewell to the world of a virtual reality it’s high time to devote some minutes to walk in a park zone of the stadium. In a rather small territory many fountains, man-made rivulets and lakes have settled down. You can even find there a place for a small rock-garden.

«The philosophical garden» has an area of about 2, 5 h. and even though it is a new sight, people enjoy it very much. After a long walk you can take some rest here and relax

By the way, come to Donetsk in autumn and you will be surprised by color of foliage on the trees planted round "Donbas-arena". All these 77 thousand of plants «will dress in orange» - as it was planned initially by the founders of the stadium- to create an original frame of “the bowl”, to "load it with money", using the club colors of "Miner" football club (ukr: “Shakhtar”).

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