Kiev Night Life

The TOP 10 Kiev Night Clubs

Kiev has really lovely amazing night life, which is especially fun and sparks on the weekends: Fridays nights and Saturdays. Majority of the clubs are open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Behind any corner of the downtown street you will find caffes, coffee shops, restaurants which are open till 11 PM and many - till "the last client". If you come to discover Kiev clubs parties, make a list where you would like to go, and stay in each for 1-2 hours, then just move to the next one, All Kiev clubs situated quite close and you can take cab from one to another to relocate in 5-10 minutes.

Usually entrance fee for the ladies is free of charge or at least free till 1 PM. Sometimes they also offer free drinks for those who came till 11PM, thought the busiest time and dancing time starts at around 12 PM.

Kiev nightlife is also popular with the karaoke bars. On Fridays and Saturdays you will find them really busy and fun.


Ajour Stereo
Disco Club
3 Leontovicha Str.
t.: 234-74-94

Excisting since 2003 and still popular and full.

The entertaining complex "Avalon” includes:  vocal restaurant Pavlin, lounge-bar, casino (temporally closed), night club Ajour. Delight, comfort and sweet bliss - the feelings you are getting into a well designed interior of "Avalon".

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Ajuor is truly one of the famous Kiev NightLife attractions. Always good music and dj’s, events, excellent barmen and cocktails. And surprisingly many beautiful Kiev girls.

3 Hrushevskogo Str.
t.: 200-90-09

It is one of the most exclusive and favorite Night Clubs and lounge bars of local Kievians, Russian and Western European tourists. 3-floors  Night Club and lounge bar is located in the very Kiev Downtown near the Football-Stadium Dynamo. Spacious and luxury atmosphere makes their visitors feel special guests of the party. Entrance prices are usually 150 UAH for men on Fridays (200 UAH on Saturdays) and 50-100 UAH for girls.

Dali-Park (Dante Zima)
Parkovaya doroga 16


Open air club by the river side (in the past famous Dante Park club). Modern equipment, lighting, and acoustics, is dipped into a magical atmosphere of all lovers of night and social active life.

24hours / 7days
22 Moskovskaya Str.
t.: 254-20-24

The main advantage of Shooters is no doubt non-stop 24hours / 7days working schedule.
Laid-back and dynamic club, famous entertaining place (club and restaurant under one roof) in the capital. The security guys might be not so desirable intelligent, but the club itself makes up for it with affordable drinks, good food in the restaurant on the second floor, and every night parties.
Entrance price is 50-100 UAH.

3 Mechnikova Str.
t.: 096-303-0000

The nightclub and karaoke club in two different locations under one roof. Karaoke is very popular in Ukraine that's why the club profits in case if a company of friends wants to do both clubbing and some of them - split for a while singing.

Besides, it is near to the "Arena" entertainment center, where you will discover plenty of bars, restaurants, sport bar and cafe's. Few of which are open all night, so if you get hungry of annoyed with the loud music, you can easily move out of the club and relax in one of those places!

4 Kominterna Str.
t.: 288-12-90

Unique Latin disco night club in Kiev, Caribbean is rather tiny spot but has many positive sides in other ways. They offer a fascinating show by skilled salsa dancers who drive visitors to follow. Ladies nights are popular in Kiev and Wednesday’s are those nights in Caribian.
Entrance fee is typically 60 UAH for men, 40 UAH for ladies.



by Decadence house

Parkova doroga

t: 044-466-2013
13 PM till 4 AM

7 days a week

Located in the heart of the capital, it is one of the largest non-stop restaurants/clubs in Kiev. Lounge bar and restaurant during day time with European, Chinese and Indian cuisine in Kiev, and a night club under one roof open Summer terrace, club accommodating about 1000-1500 people.
Entrance fee:  
Weekdays - free of charge.

Museum Le Club (old name: PaTiPa)
10 Muzeyny Lane
t.: 253-01-50

A fashionable nightclub renovated and renamed in 2012, PJ’s dancers in front of the dance floor, cozy and modern atmosphere. The top management team presents the main idea as “the art of pleasure, harmonious atmosphere, good food, great mood, and satisfaction”.
Dress accordingly, as face control on Saturdays is usually strict.
Open on Thursday – Saturday (10 PM till 6 AM) in the format of the restaurant, fashion club, concert hall.
Cover charge 80-100.UAH

Forsage Dance Club
51a Garmatnaya Str.
t.: 406-76-00
(tables reservation)

The Forsage nightclub of 1,800 square meters is the biggest by area in Kiev. Main benefit is 3 independent dance floors with absolutely different music formats to satisfy tempted clubber as well as just a music lover. DJ’s are mostly playing dance, house and other electronic music here.
Take into consideration: it’s honestly far from the center and complicated to get to by public transport and is a place for young students who like loud parties.
Special “Cards system” Club Money on Fr, Sat, and holidays: entrance fee is 150 UAH which gives you 150 UAH deposit card for buying drinks in the club. 70 UAH other days.

Sorry babushka
18/24 Dmitrivskaya Str.

Three floors and two dance floors. On the second floor - restaurant with VIP-cabins, on the third - a spacious area for all sorts of events and shows, on the ground floor - a room for erotic strip shows taking place in the «Sorry, Babushka," every day (except the last Monday of the month) 8 PM till 6 AM.



Buddha Bar - 14 Khreschatik, 270-76-76


Mon – Thu: 1pm – 2am
Fri – Sat:  1pm – 4am
Sun: 2pm – 2am

Kiev Buddha Bar is one of the famous lounge restaurants chain (also presented in New York, Beirut,  Dubai, Cairo, Prague). Charmingly positive energy of the restaurant and lounge zone, immersion into the world of pleasure and relaxing atmosphere worth it to come to Buddha at least once.

Chill-out music: Buddha-bar Djs mix Indian, Arab, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Peruvian, Vietnamese, Greek, Tibetan rhythms, creating absolutely sensational musical performance.

Cuisine: PanAsian (Fushion Asia) – Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine specially adapted and reworked to fit European taste., variety of cocktails, cozy lounge-bar with comfortable soft sofas and dimmed lights.


superb summer terrace , European cuisine and cozy sofas and arm-chairs.
Kiev NightLife has much to offer, either in summer or winter time you will find lots of restaurants, Kiev dancing clubs, lounge bars, pubs with life performance and other entertainments.