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 Lviv is one of the biggest cities in Western Ukraine, an administrative center of Lviv region, an old and amazing place; it attracts tourists not only from Ukraine but from many countries all over Europe and the world.  Interesting culture and architecture mix, unique beauty and history of the city are probably the main reasons of its popularity. From the times of its foundation in 1256, Lviv has survived periods of Polish, Austrian, German and Russian rule, but the city managed to preserve its style and spirit. An ordinary walk around the city tends to be a breathtaking return in the history. 

            It is often said that Lviv is a romantic city and as Lviv guide I'll try to prove it. One argument in support of this is the beginnig history about Lviv. This small city was a wedding present to the son Lviv and his bride Constancia by king Danylo Galyckyy. From this time city Lviv became bigger, more powelful, more beatiful and turned to the city that we have now.

            Ask any tourist who has been to Lviv for the Lviv tour at least once and they will confirm how wonderful and romantic this city is. If you sit in summer with a cup of coffee in  the Market Square you will notice many happy couples walking around. It became a tradition to take pictures here after you get married  This Market Square is more then 750 years old. It keeps many happy and sad love stories.       

People from Lviv believe in a big endless love and try to do their best to save there marriages.

            Near the Market Square you can find "Italian Courtyard", the place where one can hear whisper of people in love if one holds his breath. Moreover, you will see a balcony and a bench  with magic power. If an enamoured couple sits on it joining their hands their feeling will live forever. From this very moment the feelings will be protected by lions serving as severe guards of the legendary bench. Lviv sightseeing is absolutelly full of emotions as you will discover!

            The clocks at the Lviv Bernardine Church is famous attraction of Lviv downtown. This is a place where the loving couples have been appointing a date for more than three centuries. Their feelings are so strong that during many centuries the clocks has been fasting to shorten minutes of separation.

            Lviv is the city of Love. Old stone buildings, cobblestone streets, aromatic coffee houses and many loving couples around creat a romantic atmosphere in Lviv.

            If you still don't belive me, come to Lviv and you will never regret. Don't forget to take your beloved one!!! 


Find best attractions and sightseeing offers in the West Ukrainian pearl of the country, city of Lviv. 

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